Epilepsy Justice! 💜💫

Crazy how racism isn’t the only issues between cops and the people. Neurological patients have come to have many issues with many misunderstanding situations or people. Recently I was involved in a car accident, and knew the symptoms of a convulsion/seizure and watched someone be hospitalized and untreated for their condition as the nurses told me I didn’t know what I was talking about. How would I know if I wasn’t in the same car, with the same issues, and an Epileptic patient? I was treated and referred for extra care, where as this hospital left the other patient as is.

Now, usually monthly Angels Of Epilepsy usually try to get together and meet up with parents, patients, and survivors via zoom call to discuss what we can do better, how we’re feeling, etc., long story short, it’s a great form of expression. I thought my friend Khalil would have a great story to tell considering the fact that we take the same medication, and he is now learning how to re-walk and re-talk for the second time! It was amazing to hear and see everyone’s responses, it’s like “Never give up hope!” I’m always amazed with these types of stories because I for one don’t always know how to handle some of the things I’ve experienced being an epileptic patient, still. It’s hard to not be able to do certain things because of your condition or even explaining to friends and family members what to do just in case, God forbid.

Each meeting, I meet someone new. This time around I met Tracy. A beautiful woman with the desire to be a teacher, and made it just that far for a tiny second of life. Tracy is a bright spirited woman who had a seizure during her school’s session in front of many. During her seizure, her bodily shock was mistaken for a hit, which was actually apart of her seizure. As always said never touch a person when seizing, yet she was grabbed from behind. In conclusion, it was stated that she had “Punched the principal,” which was very unintentional, and her career took a turn in the matter of a second. Tracy loved her children, and they loved her back. No person shall be singled out because of their disability. There’s autistic people doing better in jobs than people with no disabilities. When I heard Tracy’s story, and how she was removed from school and even involved in court action, I was deeply saddened. How does one continue to follow through with such actions without not paying attention to the full details. For one to teach, to work for the state, or work in general is a blessing, their doing it for us. How dare you suspect that an epileptic patient would intentionally hit someone after coming back to realization and not remembering? The stories I’ve seen and heard are ridiculous!

The same way you can tell one to wear a mask, you can also be aware of certain disabilities. Signs should be mad “An epileptic person lives/works here,” things of that nature. I was at work with a 100 degree temperature during Covid’s 1st outbreak, tested negative for covid, but because my temperature was so high, I was sent home. Now I myself know my auras, but not many do. I make sure to explain to others even at work what my aura’s are. Wearing a mask causes my anxiety to rise, my doctor tried to coincide with my job, prescribing me a face mask in which I received negative comments from customers, who were unaware of my condition. Things like that are hurtful, and was one of the main reasons I stopped working for broad bands and companies. Something WILL be done. We WILL be heard. Until then, let’s continue to prove Epilepsy wrong. If I could stand behind Tracy from the moment she seized at work up until now, I’m sure things would be soo much different, even now, I still stand for her. The smallest bit of support matters.


( Literaturebyjessc – Jessica Hunter )

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