Why Have An Animal To Cage Them? 💜

Animals are very much similar, if not human beings themselves. They have feelings and emotions, just as well as you do. When you leave for work in the morning, or take that 5 minute drive to the convenience store; that 5 minutes seems like forever. Why do you think your dog doesn’t stop hopping around when you get home? See for me, it’s totally different.

2 & 1/2 years ago when I got My’lo 💜

In my case, I own a rabbit we all have heard of or seen thousands of times, My’lo. I’ve had my’lo since he born around 2-3 weeks, as they are not supposed to leave their family so soon, and he’s been my son every since. I treat him with the same love and respect I’d do one’s child. Now, now I know a cat or dog is our most commonly owned pet, and for that I chose this reason to have My’lo. See, cats, and dogs aren’t the only lonely animals. They aren’t the onely ones who deserve to be understood. How and why do you cage nature? Though some may be dangerous to us, My’lo is just as harmless as a cat and dog, so when asked why I didn’t get one of those instead, there you go.

Just as a typical pet would, you can train them to understand you and listen. My’lo didn’t know at first not to chew on things that weren’t his toys. I gave him plenty of freedom and used the cage as discipline. I even had My’lo in hotels and parties I had thrown, even went down to the Poconos. Before, he would have chewed me out of a house and home, and I wouldn’t have been able to think straight! Now he see’s a wire, looks at me, and knows “Let me find my toys.” Animals need love to and I think loving My’lo was the best thing for me. I’ve always been attached to animals, but I’ve become more attached given my recent hospitalization and medical records, BUT GOD!! 💜 He’s just so good. He’s so good that each mistake I made, he watched me and then picked me back up. He cannot live your life for you, but he can help you with your battles, and that has been one of the greatest blessings received thus far. Cashapp $Literaturebyjessc1

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