Happy Thanksgiving! 🦃🍽🍁

Here’s to being thankful! Thankful for another year, another breath of fresh air, another moment of peace even when there sometimes seems to be no way to find it. I’m thankful for how far I’ve come along, health wise, mentally, and physically. The devil tried to knock me down plenty of times, when all I was tryna do was be an Angel myself. You have to realize you can’t save everyone, not everyone thinks like you, and at the end of the day no matter how hard times may be, your FAMILY will still be your FAMILY.

Family is the definition of love, a bond that should never be broken especially when and if ya’ll all ya’ll got. “ A family that prays together stays together,” yet the ones that don’t, loose themselves within themselves searching for something to feel that void. Nothing fills the void of family. The ones you call on when in need, in doubt, in pain, in sorrow, and happiness. No other bond can come as strong as those who love you unconditionally and not forcefully. Too often we tend to forget where we came from, and when we do, that can cause a lot of hurt and harm together. Nobody wants that pain, life is too short. If such n such had passed today, you’d be the first one crying because you forgot to say “Sorry,” or “I love you.”

When it gets to an extent that a “Apology” can no longer be accepted, that’s when you need to work within yourself. No “FAMILY” will turn you down unless they aren’t yours. I’ve been emotionally scarred 29 times, I’ve hurt some close to me, I’ve said things I didn’t mean, but my apology was genuine. Once I changed, I changed for the better of me, and still til’ this day there are family members I’ve forgiven, but just cannot deal with at the current moment, and that’s okay too. I can’t change anyone who doesn’t wanna be changed, you can’t, and neither can “They”. I’ll never disown my family, because when I was in need, who was there? It may not been who I have wanted at that time, or maybe who I needed, but someone was there.

To my Mom, A mother’s love stretches so far. It’s crazy! 24 hour phone calls while in the hospital, forgiveness even when I maybe shouldn’t have been forgiven; but see your parent doesn’t have to forgive anyone else immediately but THEIR CHILD. I never understood the true meaning of that until I looked upon things from the outside. I’m proud to be the woman I am, I may not have it all, and that’s fine I’m not rushing it. I’ll never brag about what I have/doing today, but I have the proper sense to know no matter what way anyone of us aunts, uncles, cousins, etc., may feel, tomorrow is never promised.

With that being said, if you’re okay with the way you “love” your family, make sure it’s the right kind of love. The pure genuine love, that “I’ll be there,” love even when they don’t need you and vice versa because when that casket closes, it’s no turning back. Happy Thanksgiving 🦃🍁🍽

Literaturebyjessc– Jessica Hunter

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