Epilepsy Matters. 💜🙏🏾

Let me tell ya’ll something, some real spill. People look at me like I have 24 heads as I take the medication I do and still continue to work, and get up, and move around not sleeping all day. Having a neurological issue like Epilepsy is a disability, yet it doesn’t mean I’m disabled, and believe it or not I’ve lost friends behind it. People get scared to see me on medication, people get scared at the thought of a seizure. I’ll never use my condition as an excuse for anything, if my doctor says no, the answer is NO, but if he says yes, it’s gonna get done. What people fail to realize is that a seizure in the wrong part of the brain can cause damage, even death sad to say. Retired Broncos wide receiver Demaryius Thomas was believed to have had a seizure. Irregardless of any other medical condition, unfortunately that played a part in his death.

You guys take life for granted bickering with friends and family, telling them they’re using health issues as an excuse when they’re really trying to find the answer. The most you can do during that time is be there for them. Nobody with a neurological issue asked to have it, but what you don’t know is that sometimes they can have childlike tendencies and feelings, there is never no jealousy, no excuse, no argument. With me, I’ve learned to handle it as if no one was there even with the people that I have who do care. Why? Because Tomorrow’s never promised. I’m grown, 25 years old to be exact, who is gonna take care of me for that whole time or each time something happens? Who will be there EVERY SECOND? Who will witness each seizure. Tomorrow is never promised. If that means to move as though I have no one, unfortunately I will. God has his hands over me, I’m covered in his blood, and when that time comes, those who have witnessed me stand my ground can say I was strong, I tried, and I succeeded.

There is so much more to life, Epilepsy shouldn’t limit your life and capabilities, it should open your eyes to the fact that you can do it. I’ve overcome so much, I’ve had amazing companions who have dealt with my condition as scary as it can be. Don’t ever let anyone tell you that you can’t find love because you have a disability such as Epilepsy. Love is when you’re accepted for who you are, not how you look, walk, or talk, and that’s what this generation fails to realize. If I never mentioned I was an epileptic patient, no one would be able to tell. My mindset is different, very different. I’m too mature for my own damn good in every way and I love it. It feels good to know that I inspire people, you should see the messages I get. “How do you do it?,” is always a major question, and someday I’ll publish my book “How it’s done.”

When this book is published, I’m not in search of acceptance from anyone, I’m in search of knowing I changed someone’s life. Someone is a better person than the day they were before because of me. Someone looked at me and said if she can do it, so can I. Normalize the fact that Epilepsy matters. I talk about it so much because it’s not recognized as it should be. It’s not focused on so deeply as other issues. To be honest, I’ve caught covid with having Epilepsy, all it takes is a seizure, but the prayers behind my back is what woke me up each morning, knowing I had people to inspire on a daily. Can I tell you something else? Covid played it’s best hand, and I STILL OUTDID ALL THEM SH!TS! 💜

Literaturebyjessc– Jessica Hunter

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