It’s Been A While. 👋🏾💜

So here I am back, after weeks of not speaking and keeping you guys updated. First and foremost I cannot stress this enough, EITHER WEAR YOUR MASK OR STAY HOME! That covid is NO joke. I caught it back in the earlier part of December preventing me from getting my second oral surgery. The look of food turned me all the way off and some of it were my favorite meals. Did I give up although my body needed that rest? No, what good is Moltrin for pain going to do when there’s a thousand other issues going on? I feel for the homeless and those without shelter. I feel for kids coming to school, and not being able to properly interact with their friends, or missing their families because they’re so used to remotely working.

I spent my time moving ahead of my class in college, getting things done so that I wouldn’t have to worry about it when the date is approaching. Ofcourse I kept studying, and still speaking with my peers upon the discussion board which I found absolutely amazing. So amazing, that I became a Pre-K teacher. Now in the process of me being hired, my Epilepsy had been mentioned before I could, and I’m very thankful that this school district is just as loving and caring as any family member. They studied proper protocols, and allowed me in their district with open arms. All zoom meetings each month, certifications, and etc., back to back can get very stressful. Ironic that my college course is currently based off of time management. In the time I’ve spent away, it really feels as though I found myself and who I want to be. I have invested in a studio which is doing absolutely amazing, with the most amazing teams. “What good is first class if my family can’t sit.”

It’s absolutely amazing to be able to say I specialize in this and that, networking is always great, you never know who or what you may come upon. Although I haven’t blogged about Jersey Club in a while, we are a family, they are those who pushed me forward, who helped me get better. People hear Jersey Club and think just the genre, not the culture, and how it actually came together as a family in some parts. I’m thankful for those who’ve helped along my process such as 93rd, Connect, Tazz, Tiga, Urb, Jheat, Swiggs, Spiz, Connect Nation, Dana J, and all the rest of you great DJ’s & Producers. You’ve given me my own way to pave, Test you gave me my own space, my own platform, all I have to do is know how to move about; what’s real and what’s not. Family outside of Family is always a great thing to have.

They try to name you disabled with an disability like Epilepsy because it can be a physical, and neurological disorder, however I rose above it all. I can walk, talk, and live on my own. I’m mature enough to want to do better and help those in need. Angels Of Epilepsy ( AOS) has been very helpful in helping me cope with my condition, meeting new friends with similar conditions and medications, and even spreading awareness. They’ve done such a great job, it inspired me to stand taller for Epileptic people in my state, it inspired me to become a peer advocate all the way over here. The children’s books that were sent to me were beyond awesome. Who would’ve thought you can teach a kid what a seizure is?! Look out for my next blog to see how that went. 💜 I miss you all dearly!

Literaturebyjessc – Jessica Hunter

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