I’ve Missed You! 💜💫

I’m back, with a bit of inspiration for you. Having epilepsy isn’t easy, I’ve just adjusted to the fact that wow this is really my life. It’s amazing to see how other people handle it, and encouraging to know that by me making one move, I am being a great influence to someone else. I’ve missed you guys ever so dearly. I am meeting new friends in College as I am studying for my Bachelors in Business, I am networking, still having part ownership in Thestu732 where we make music, movies, blogs, and everything else you can imagine.

I’m writing you guys to let you know that if I can do it, you can do it to. Don’t let anyone tell you that you “Can’t” do something or are incapable. I always tell my students I don’t want to hear the word “Can’t” even though they are young, it is a word, but I always enforce TO TRY. I say this because if you “failed,” atleast you know you tried and that’s all that truly matters. It’s a step of encouragement. I didn’t think I could fully be engaged in life again after coming out of a depression and the hospital, but I’m here better than ever.

I want to thank those who clapped for me when I thought no one understood or noticed my effort. It’s always the ones you don’t notice, who notice you. I must say, being a teacher has made me appreciate things more. The sky is the limit, the certifications are amazing. Would you believe I am certified to give you CPR? I go to school each day to 15 students looking forward to love, entertainment, and learning, and we do it the best way possible! We can’t continue to let Covid come between us, and it’s sad that our children are growing up in such a mess like this. For a second I forgot that I am a blogger of multi things. It’s amazing what one road can lead to. It all started with an LLC, owning part of a studio, to college, to teaching. And I’m juggling it all, graduating college earlier than expected, and still pulling more projects out. We’ve got lots to talk about, I’ve got to tell you about Opxra and Styles Savage!

Literaturebyjessc– Jessica Hunter

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