International Woman’s Day 💁🏾‍♀️

“DO IT LIKE IT’S YO BDAY, BABY” – Joseline Hernandez

I started this blog with an opening quote that I felt related best to us women. We often get jobs just thrown at us, or to be completed as an expectation, which can be done by men as well, but we do it. Stereotypes! A woman can be a police officer, firefighter, etc., we do the damn thing!

This year, I would like to celebrate myself in a manner not many of us all take the time to look upon. I am a WOMAN, A STRONG WOMAN. I came back after 27 back to back seizures to doctors looking over me so amazed. I was made to be here, a destiny. It took me a while to figure out who I truly was, and my purpose on this earth. I felt like someone needed to hear my story, the things I went through could have saved a life; I saved many. An epileptic woman being a teacher, in college, owning a business, and so much more, with more than 10 pills a day to keep me moving! So congratulations to me, everyday is a celebration, tomorrow is never promised.

My women who aren’t disabled, my single mothers, my mothers in general, my sisters, ALL LIVES MATTER, YOU MATTER. Your happiness comes before anyone, and I think I finally found what truly makes me happy. Seeing the love, the positivity, and the positive vibes from my supporters to keep me pushing is amazing. I’ve never had a bad experience with anyone I worked with, supported, or who have supported me, and I absolutely love it. Times may get hard, and then I remember who I do it for, and why. Stay positive, you are loved!

Literatutebyjessc – Jessica Hunter

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