“Where has she been?” πŸ€”πŸ‘€

Wow, it’s been months of progression, time, self-explanations, etc., for me, and you all. I changed a lot, a lot of the things I thought were cool and fun to do slowly started to turn me off. I redirected my attention to my current life, who and what needs me now the most. I have a new furry friend who loves her mother so dearly. It’s something about having someone love you just as much as you love them, that just filled that void I had been feeling for a while. I didn’t go searching for things that weren’t for me, I let what was meant to be happen. I didn’t continue to push as hard for others, and situations, that didn’t do for me. What I did was, everything they said I couldn’t.

My’lo πŸ‡

I branched away from Jersey club for a minute. Things took a weird turn, yet Jersey never stopped being Jersey, and making the hottest hits. I love hearing “I got a track for you,” especially from someone who hasn’t made music in a while. I love hearing “I’m waiting on my write-up,” cuz hunty it comes as quick as that deposit. I love what I do in every aspect.

2 of my many Favorites in the Game. #LLTD 93rd & Urbvn πŸ–€πŸ€žπŸΎ

I became a preschool teacher of my own, which meant taking a loss of personal time, friends who didn’t understand, and a better mindset of parenting if that makes any sense. Covid has mentally, socially, and emotionally messed us all up in ways we can’t even begin to explain. Children not understanding English, or certain directions, because they are raised differently at home, and given a piece of technology to be loved. That’s where that bond of a teacher comes from, so to anyone who says “You’re too close to a parent, or staff,” as a teacher, caregiver, ask yourself wouldn’t you want to know your children’s teacher? An app is not a form of communication to me, it doesn’t answer every question I have. I’ve switched schools if you haven’t noticed, the last one I’ve experienced terrible racism in my own town. The best part about that was, living near, as a nature loving person, my old students are bound to see me on a walk to the store. That’s what happened, and slowly but surely, I was re-united with my students. I don’t recommend my old school to anyone…

Meanwhile, I started getting in touch with my spiritual side, as it started touching me more. I couldn’t figure out why I kept receiving messages to deliver. It was until venting to DJ J Heat, that I started to realize. I quote, “I already got my spot, I’m just here to help.” Usually everything I say is going to happen, happens, it’s like I can see it already. When someone has transitioned to a new life, they leave me messages to give to people. These messages are like clues, I’m the one who fills in the missing pieces. Anywho, it started to break me don, which led me through the doors of the church. My pastor has prayed and prayed on it, and told me it’s not always a bad thing, it’s a gift. Our congregation has been so helpful at the Bread of Life Ministry, in putting me back on the right path, because I was lost. I now “Usher” as my duty to the father himself. Check my pastor ( Pastor Wheeler ) out here!

Dj J Heat & I πŸ’œπŸ€žπŸΎ fun times
Just a Usher & Her Pastor πŸ’œ

I tell you, God is good. I went through a lot of things, without explaining what. A lot of fallen friendships that I realized had to happen, so when they’re patched back together, I know my ways of handling things this time. Silence. Let you think you know me. Because I’m more so into my peace, than anything else. To know me is to know “You will not disrupt my peace,” and to know me is to love me. I’ve made teacher of the month with only a month and a half in at this new place. Don’t worry, I’ll leave a few pictures. The point is, a lot has changed, including me.

Went from chillin in the projects, TO MAKING PROJECTS!


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