My Spiritual Connections. 👼 🕊

I made it thus far with a spinning head. Why am I able to tell things others can’t? How did I know that was going to happen? “When it rains, someone has passed on.” That’s all I thought of during daily life. Those things haunted me because I couldn’t figure out how to move on with my life. I couldn’t figure out what was best for me, because my soul was too worried about the safety of others.

I started sharing little stories to those I felt would listen, and they did, but did they understand? You can tell someone didn’t fully understand your word, because they switch the subject or continue talking. But did I ever do the same? “It’s gonna be okay,” came to mind and whomever I was thinking of in the moment got that message. “How did you know something was wrong?” To explain that sounded crazy. So I entered a home where there is no judgment, there is food for the soul, only if you allow it; The Bread Of Life Ministry. ( See Pastor Wheeler here.) I opened up to my brothers and sisters during bible study, and I asked what does that mean. I explained my duties here on earth, to be a helping hand. I knew I had my spot, but I couldn’t understand.

I knew I was in the right hands when the prayer wasn’t only just then, it was continuous. Everyday, to the point where I learned how to pray loud enough for the father, son, and holy ghost to hear me. Great things started happening back to back. I started receiving raises and proper help with bills, my living situation begin to change for the better, I became teacher of the month after just a month and a half. It all seemed so great, because I walked through that valley, and I feared no evil.

I started studying the bible more, and what those words meant. They don’t just tell a story, they lead you to an answer you’re looking for, a prayer, a blessing, a friend, family member, etc. Becoming an Usher was one of the best things I could’ve done in life. Bible study was another great thing I did. Why? Because when someone (the devil) attempts to try me, I’m already two steps ahead. It also helped me to incorporate the bible into my daily life, and be a lot more appreciative of the days I have.

Gun violence has taken someone I’ve known at-least 5 times this summer. Parents have children, these children have fathers, siblings, uncles. Is it really that serious? Until I found myself, and career, I was so heavily involved with such and such from such and such, because that’s all I knew. But that’s not feeding me, nor paying my bills. Get in touch with ya spiritual side. It’s that side that tells you to do all the things you should do, but won’t, because your scared. I’m not!


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