When it’s said, it hurts, the truth. 📝❤️‍🩹

As humans, we have the toughest pride. We hate to hear the “truth”. This is what we may not necessarily agree with, but because it’s said, you start to believe it yourself. If you’re one who can take great constructive criticism, it goes well. If not, you’ll end up saying and doing things you’ll regret.

People always ask me why am I so humble, quiet, and out the way for my age. I guess I should be partying every weekend, asking my friends for money, and then never hitting them up again or something. Instead I have a career, a 9-6. Having a career is hard to get these days. You not gonna like every job, everyone you work with, etc., that’s part of adulting. Anywho, when I’m given advice, yes I can be very stern. You don’t know me the way you think you do, and just when you think you do, I flip. I’ve been through a lot ALONE, so I changed alone for myself. A fly is gonna fly, that’s not gonna bother me, but a mosquito will disrupt my peace. Back to the way I handle advice… Sometimes things are right, and I act on it accordingly, but if I’m telling you, or arguing you down, it’s not in defense. You don’t know me.

I guess that’s why I can’t take “advice” all the time. That’s why it hurts. Because you don’t know me. I vent, sure I tell stories, but you know what I allow you to see. Not my emotions, when I’m alone, and just thinking, and then my pen gets to the paper, and this happens. One greatest piece of advice that always stuck with me is “You don’t need that, that’s not for you.” So when I step on your white nikes, tell me I did it then, go head argue me down, but also notice how I brought you a new pair, maybe those wasn’t walking you in the right direction.

Now, I don’t just write directly about a subject, or a person. Sometimes my fingers just move a mile a minute, and now i’ve got a novel. Other times, I’m lost, lost within myself, tryna figure out what it is that could use a bit more work.. I finally found that key…. It’s my motivation. Follow me.. I let my determination take over my ego which told myself “I got this,” I had enough motivation around me. But you are your number one supporter. How am I gonna motivate anyone else if I couldn’t do it myself?

“Kept taking L’s, finally got me a M.”

– Literaturebyjessc

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