I’ve Found My Church Home. ⛪️

I’ve found a home to walk in the path of God in, finally! A place that makes me feel comfortable. The lord said “Come as you are.” I came in so confused back in July. I came in confusion on many things. It wasn’t that I wasn’t sure of what I was doing, it was that I was finally taking the steps I needed to fully purify myself and solidify my peace if you will. Church is a place where you can really feel free to express yourself, to be who you are, without the feeling of wanting acceptance. Acceptance is there, there is nothing but open arms, and ears. I came baring thoughts, and weight that I could no longer carry, and it wasn’t that I was giving it a way, I was looking for guidance.

I’ve always grown up to know a bible verse or two, singing church songs as if I was fantasia myself in the shower, and just really still feeling amazing when doing so. I never realized what joy and peace that actually brought me. Each time I invite or talk to someone about church, I never expect to hear “I’m scared.” 30 year olds, scared of the word. 30 year olds, only want to talk to grasp the word, or step into the doors of the church when they feel as though they want to, not when they should. Each day we wake up is a huge thanks, you have been forgiven of the sins you may have committed knowingly and unknowingly, and provided another day, something that someone else didn’t receive.

You never know what someone is going through. All you can do is lead the way and discuss the name “Jesus.” It’s no better feeling than doing so, it doesn’t make you any less of a man or woman, infact, it makes you stronger. It makes you protected. I don’t care where I’m at Saturday; but my brother gonna make sure I’m up for church the next day. Church has brought us closer. It’s better to do great things together, than to watch others do bad knowing we can change a life with a simple visit. With that being said, I became an Usher, not because I wanted to look God in the light of God, but we all are placed here with a purpose. My favorite line is, “I have my spot in heaven already, I’m just here to help,” therefore why not fulfill my duties in the house of the lord?

Sister Jessica & Her Pastor 💜
A few members of the Church. (I’m always talking bout my brother and he ain’t in none of these.) 🤦🏾‍♀️
There he go! Issa jerseyclub 🐐

Ending off, I was able to witness my Dad become Deacon Hunter, an amazing feeling. Proud of him, to know where one is going, is to see where they have came from! Congratulations Dad!

Literaturebyjessc ( Jessica Hunter )

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