National Epilepsy Awareness Month 💜

It sounds very strange that I, the peer advocate for almost everything did not post about epilepsy on November 1st, but I showed it off to the world. I was proud to wear my purple, I was proud to remind epileptic people that it was national epilepsy awareness month. You know why? Because those 27 seizures consecutively, kept me here for a reason.

I didn’t go crazy this year, I teach preschool, what would they understand? That’s the one thing that sort of bothers me in a way, there’s no way to fully connect with a 3/4 year old, and explain what Epilepsy is. I came up with the concept of a “sleep story,” and explained to them what to do if they ever thought I was “sleep.” I even demonstrated ways, to follow the given instructions. Children should know these things, or atleast be aware. We all aren’t the same, some of use take medicine for our health, and some of us learn different than others. I’ve read books before to my higher grade students, and were able to fully engage in a conversation about epilepsy, because some of them had family members with similar situations.

I may not always right about it, but when I see it, it deserves a response. People ask all the time, “How do you live like that? How can you take medications and still function?” Newsflash, no one is going to be able to hold your hand the whole way of life. Therefore, while I had the surrounding support that I do, I started reaching out and trying on my own, and If I needed help, I communicated when I did. I separate my own medication (am from pm), I call for refills, I WORK! Something people didn’t think I or they would be able to do. Is it stressful? Very, when you have people who don’t understand your emotions at that current time, they don’t understand your tiredness, and think just because you do it everyday, it’s easy. It’s a push! A heavy push, without the selective few I keep in my circle, It probably would have been a square.

Can you believe that there are still adults unaware of epilepsy? The awareness isn’t as informative as other neurological issues, and then when things happen, people don’t know what to do, or how to take care of the situation. How did I spread awareness? How do I? By waking up each morning, responding to tweets about ways of dealing with Epilepsy, by joining and advocating team, by wearing PURPLE!

“Seizures tried to get me, but they messed with the wrong girl.” ( Me & my mom ) 💜
Spreading a little love around work 💜
The devil whispered in my ear “You are not strong enough to withstand the storm.” “Today I whispered in the devil’s ear, I am the storm.” 💜

I’m not afraid to be the person I am today, having Epilepsy really humbled me into becoming the young adult I am today. I am in college for business, LLC’ed in my own website and brand name, a career, not a job, a car, and so much more. People think because you have a disability it makes you incapable. For some reason I been just as capable as anyone else, for the longest. Peace, love, and hair grease. 💜

Literaturebyjessc ( Jessica Hunter )

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