Originally, I planned to release a blog about Jersey coming together, which we haven’t been doing due to self-esteem, “I made this first,” and accusations that had nothing to do with the purpose of Jersey Club. We let others think different of us, FOR A SECOND! Now, we back! I love the way Jersey has come together in every way, shape, and form. We have not been able to do that for a while, clubhouse days. It’s amazing to see those who don’t even come out like that, attend a videoshoot, interview, or podcast who don’t even come out like that.

Jersey club has changed my life in many ways. I can’t get dressed in the morning for work without dancing. I can’t get through the day without someone calling on an opinion on a track, or which track should they do, and I love it. Asking what the people wanna hear, or what you should give to the people is completely normal when some are remixing the same songs, just in different ways. There is absolutely nothing wrong with remixing the same song because everyone has a different style of mixing, however they all still go viral on tiktok. The look that Jersey Club has been looking for has finally start to receive it’s credit. Artist are now using Jersey Club beats. I wonder why? No one wants to be sad in these days during music, but everyone wanna rap, why not use a Jersey Club beat? It sound hard, it’s getting more attention than anything else.

Shout out to the artist that blew up, and never forgot where they came from. Coi Leray has been a major influence with Jersey Club, starting from Big Purr with 809 remixing it. She never turned down a time for others to shine as well, you know why? Because it showed that Jersey loved her music in many different ways, “ ‘Cuz girls is playas too.” She then went on to work with DJ Smallz and his remix to it. You know how hard it was back in the day to get an Artist to work with you on a Jersey club chat? All of us commenting on the post, tagging the artist, anything to do to get that artist to pay attention. What was crazy was some never looked, next thing you know, a Jersey Club song is taken down because it got more plays than the original, basically. I’m still waiting to see if Keith Sweat noticed “Twisted” has become a part of Jersey Club.

There is a reason why I haven’t dug into every Jersey Club producer, I based this post off of Jersey Club coming together, and then incorporated the Artist who finally supported Jersey, so do not take offense. However, Aye bay bay, where you been since that song dropped and you remixed it? You came out, and went right back in.

I wanna take the time out to say it’s lovely seeing different podcasts, interviews, parties, Dj’s, Producers, Bloggers, Dancers, Photographers, and Artist coming together, and coming back out to stand up for what they have created thus far. Though everyone in Jersey club may not speak or see eachother as often, the link ups, the love given via social media is crazy. This a different type of family, and we never turned anybody down. Pay attention to older generations teaching young folks today. The legend shall live on and on, we need an official “Jersey Club Day.” Until then, everybody just continue to put on with and for one another, for yourself, the next day isn’t promised for us to be arguing about who remix is harder, or who did this first. And to our legends that we have lost, we thank-you for your deep contributions to Jersey Club, not a day goes by that we hear that drop, or that mix, and don’t think of you. Fly high. 💜🕊️


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