The Collection Vol IV-Styles Savage 🔥🏆

Meeting Styles Savage was an eye opener. Someone who is truly about their business and will go above and beyond to complete that mission. I love when I call an Artist, Dj, Producer, Rapper/Singer, and they’re in the studio. It’s amazing, and in my eyes it gives me the strength to go forward. Where was Styles Savage each time we discussed this blog? The studio, absolutely amazing. Now come here for a second, I had this set up for a while, because I was studying Styles’s movements, and they are in silence. My boy did a song with my brother Opxra, I’m always in connection with both heavily, they move in silence. What I love the most, is this Collection, and Styles was very versatile. If he could’ve created a collection with everyone, i’m sure he would, as long as the goal is the same. He wasn’t only thinking about himself, and neither were Jiddy, Sliick, Opxra, Gutta, & Theonlyree. I received the collection to hear how I wanted to go about it, and still got my download via apple music. That’s how you show love, and support.

Take a step back now, The Collection Volume IV is a very versatile album as I stated before. You have different styles of producing, different bpm’s, and different moods. “Lovers and Friends,” is definitely a get ready for work, or workout song. The bpm is still at a level to get sturdy, ever heard a song that sounds crazy because the bpm is sped up too much? It’s almost as if Styles Savage said “If I can’t dance to the beat, how can someone else?”. “Link Up,” is more of a calm vibe, something I’d bump when I know I need to get something done, and just keep replaying it. The mixing of each song doesn’t take away from the song. “Playing Tricks,” just may be my favorite song off of this collection. It gives house music vibes, and then makes you get sturdy. Makes your head rock back, and fourth. That’s jersey club for you! Not only is it the Artist that drew me in, but the way Styles Savage didn’t modify her voice. I’d dance to both, Thuy, we welcome your lovely voice to Jersey Club.

I got to meet Styles Savage through social networking, which I can’t wait to meet with in person. During conversing via social media, Styles was actually in the process of producing, always working! It’s important to keep up with the trends around you if you want your name in the air somewhere, and that’s exactly what Styles Savage did as he moved from place to place during life. Noticing that Jersey was all about Jersey club, and being from Jersey, he adapted to making Jersey Club. Might I say, it’s never great to judge someone off of how you speak via social media especially when you don’t really know them. Hard workers move in silence! I went to check some of his music, and was COMPLETELY amazed.

First off, what gravitated me more deeply interested into his atmosphere was the way he is all about his business. If it does not concern Styles Savage, or anything pertaining to you and him eating together, it’s not notable. He’s open to work and has great expansion all over. When you move through different cities and towns, you adapt to their atmosphere. With that being said, for all you know, Styles Savage could’ve grown up in Jersey, adapted to the music, and moved to take that knowledge elsewhere, and to gain more. That’s really what you call someone who is in the music industry, and that’s exactly what he did.

Gravitating towards expansion, Styles got his hand in every pot. Meaning, if it’s an opportunity brought to the table, and it presents itself in a manner that could benefit him, and that person, he’s willing to step outta his comfort zone. But downloading The Collection Volume IV, will definitely bring you out to the dance floor, and if it’s not a dance floor, you’re in your living room on Tik tok, I bet you.


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