“The Table” 💰

Incase you didn’t know, you are somebody. You matter to the world in some way. The things you do people look up to you, they also envy the way you go about things. Strong minds can’t crack, unless you allow it. When you notice that you’re not gaining anything from situations that don’t take you anywhere, but lower, is when you’ve finally learned.

I was given a seat at a table. I sat there wondering a lot for a second, until It felt like I was left alone. I only knew a few people I was eating with at the time. It could’ve been on accident, it could of been on purpose, but it appeared that I was eating with a few people I didn’t know. That’s when I got hungrier. I wanted to know who, what, where, when, why, and how? Who are you? What do you do? Where did you start? When did you start? How did you start? Those are the questions that allows you to visualize who thinks the way you do. Now it’s time to challenge yourself, Momma always said don’t get up from the table until you finish eating. Let’s put that into perspective here, I started moving down chairs, getting to know, and understand. I was handed flowers just for the mindset I had, the positivity I seen. You dropped your vegetables? I have a better idea that will still give you the same nourishment.

See the issue is everybody wanna sit at the table and eat as a family, which is nice, until someone “tries to steal something off of your plate.” Check this out, because I was hungry, I moved around. I noticed we was all eating the same thing, instead of stealing what was on your plate, I went and got us more, so we could all eat together. Now whether you choice to eat as a team, or eat on your own is up to you. However, if someone is offering you more of what you have on your plate, or went and got more, it’s to make sure we all not starving. Now put that into work perspective. If I handed you any job, and said get this done, you found somebody to help you. As long as you got it done, that’s all that matters. Now, get this, that’s your permanent job, but the person that helped you decided they wanted to work here too. The only difference was they expanded to everything, instead of just one position. Now the tables have shifted a bit, because it’s not the person helping you get the job done, or them helping you, it now becomes a team. If it’s a job, every body wanna be on top. It’s enough room, it’s how much you make yourself available. I’m learning.

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