Hangtime Magazine Club Editon 🔥 💃

Meeting with Ebony was amazing. Initially we met with the same idea, expansion, and networking. I was absolutely honored when asked to be apart of what’s going down next Friday. Incase you didn’t know, a few major DJ’s such as, but not limited too, DJ J Heat, Kayy Drizz, and many more. I feel this is a great idea because Jersey is now finally moving around more, we’re going to Baltimore, we’re going to Philly, we’re going to New York, showing, and giving all the love that we should’ve been doing a while ago. We’re not known for going against eachother, and I believe this is another great way to show how Jersey Club has changed the culture. It’s also an experience, hearing other sounds, seeing other ways of dancing as each part of club has their own way of dancing.

What’s amazing is that Hangtime radio chose to do an event including every place that is heavily known for club music, bringing us all together. This helps us support one another, and explain that we created the change, we prevented a little bit of danger to the community due to children and adults making tik toks to club music. Look at the expansion across the radio. Do you know how long it took for Jersey to be fully recognized? We’ve been doing this for years. The only way we became so popular is because Hot 97 realized when you just got off of work, or you’re going to a party in a few, 809’s “Big Purr” remix of Coi leray, DJ smallz’s remix to “Girls is Playas too,” DJ LilMan & 93rd ‘s “Team Lilman Anthem” , Blaqstarr’s “Get my G*n”, Blaqstarr & Rye Rye’s-“Shake it to the ground,” (NOT IN ANY SPECIFIC ORDER, because old or new, the song still bops), to name a few became all that we wanted to hear. This promoted us all to come together, to share one another’s music, and to even work out of our own comfort zone.

R&b, & Hip-hop has now changed to Jersey Club. What I mean by that is, if it doesn’t have a jersey club beat behind it, it’s almost as if the Artist knows “They not gonna listen to that.” Hurricane Chris probably wasn’t thinking about making music anymore until we started dancing down the aisle to his club song made by Kia, where is he now? Anywho, what I love the most is this event was created with love from all over including Baltimore, New York, and Philly. Who else would think to do such a thing? I hope to see a successful event, a loving reunion, and what’s best is if you can’t make it, you can watch is live HERE! Get ready for HANGTIME CLUB EDITION! 🔥 Free 99, there’s no excuse not to attend.


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