Jersey vs JERSEY 📍

It’s a great vibe when Jersey Club comes together. A lot of Jersey’s beef is deeply within the producers themselves, and I say that because when everyone is together, nothing that was said, agreed with, or argued over via social media is engaged in. If people took the time to focus on the production and progression of themselves, for themselves, and or the culture, it would be a lot easier to work with one another.

It’s been a minute since I attended any Jersey event for specific reasons undisclosed, however just getting together with a few faces you used to attend parties with, talk to on clubhouse, and see on facetime was absolutely amazing. You’d be surprised at how amazing you guys are up close, yet pride runs too deep, everybody has something to prove, and that’s why somebody always has something to say about Jersey. Seeing a lot of lastnight in such a little area made me happy. It’s what I’m used to, i’m used to seeing each other gassed off of other people’s sets and songs, and not just spinning their own, or favorite hits. It’s not right, and it’s not the Jersey love. It seems like everyone is branching away from eachother or worried about all the wrong things. How do we expect to contine to have a spot for Jersey on the map as club music evolves deeply into the industry with artist like Bad Bunny, Coi Leray, just to name two. I named these people because, people never forget where they came from. Sometimes it’s not just clout chasin’, Coi had her own clout, it is arguable that she pushed Jersey Club harder with DJ Smallz remix to “Girls is playas too,” & 809’s remix to “Big Purr”.

It’s things like that, that matter the most. People get big, sign a contract, and you don’t even notice you sold your whole life away. That same person that taught you to produce, is no longer producing. Not because of the respect not given, but you were expected to keep the culture going instead of branching away from those who you claimed “Helped you,” or you helped. It’s so crazy because I’ve personally watched people walk the streets as a regular person, as soon as a song hits many streams, and tik toks, and verified artist start to come into play, that person has now changed. Instead of saying “Hey, I know you like this hit, check this out made by such n such.” Granted, it’s not just our personal fault, it’s the person it’s self. You have to be willing to eat, closed mouths don’t get fed. It’s sad to see people turn against eachother, but when we’re together, not arguing, standing as one, pictures, parties, moments like those don’t last forever. When we lost our most recent Jersey Club Legend, Tim Dolla 💜🕊️, everyone started to some what see “We need to get our sht together,” and although it may have been what he may have wanted, for the culture to come together and claim themselves, it shouldn’t have taken for something so tragic to happen, in order to find a line of peace. Everybody is so worried about who made what first, when to be honest, I’ve heard thousands of mixes to Ice spice’s “Boy’s a liar,” so what. Although I do tell a lot of producers whatever you have in mind as far as a song, get it done, whatchu waiting for? When speaking with the legend Mike V himself, we had the same idea in mind, mind your business, and focus on yourself for our title to be taken back from the industry. You guys boast about Jerseyclub so much “I made that drop,” what about those who didn’t have drops that paved the way? What about those who silently grasped the concept that they loved eachother’s music, and united, not for a name, but to change the game? It’s WORK put into Jerseyclub. A lot of the newer generations are just dropping things to be noticed, and not with a passion. We can tell when your bpm was a tad bit high.

Nevertheless, when I proposed the question “If you had to thank one person in Jersey club, who would it be?” I’ve gotten valuable responses such as Bleszt, who is still in tune, just in his own aspect. I’ve heard thanks to Dougie F- Just back up on it. That was on 💯 in the headphones.🔥 right down to not just thanking Jersey, but Rye Rye. Started at a VERY young age with Blaqstarr. Look at what the industry has taken over, however “They can’t take over the industry if we are all together.” JerseyClub producer battles brought us closer. We united, “That song hard,” networking, and sending zips on the side to one another. You had people like Tim, Tameil, Mike V, Dru, actually advocating for the younger generation. There is always something people can work on, and if you can’t take constructive criticism, you might as well buckle up because people walked miles to get to where they are today.


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