Smrt🩷Grlz Is Open For Business ! 🔥👭

Supporting black businesses has become a huge movement, as long as you put in the dedication and effort needed, it’ll eventually get to where you would like for it to be. See the problem with us as people in general, we’re lazy. We expect things to happen right then and there when real success takes time. With that being said, Smrt🩷Grlz has taken the initiative to start at a very young age, creating their business selling jewelry, shirts, water bottles, and more. The best way to get through the world is through social media, simply because ya’ll don’t put ya’ll phones down, you’re reading this blog ain’t you? Why not check out their website, yeah I said it, website. This provides all means of contact via all social media, and email. Children set trends for themselves. They see others wearing specific brands of clothing, jewelry, and footwear that you may not have seen before, but it be dope to them, and some adults.

The dopest part is, Smrt🩷Grlz are Aunt and Niece, so right there one hand washes the other. Another thing is they have different personalities, which of course have different mindsets on visuals of items being sold. It brings in a lot more creativity than expected. The reason being, is that they both can come up with different merchandise which expands the business. This past Sunday, they launched their business being a vendor at “Arts in the Park.” How amazing this came out is indescribable, I think what people loved the most is that they were young entrepreneurs, clearly.

Smrt🩷Grlz even gifted jewelry not knowing they had already experienced a GREAT start to their business!
Happy customers and Smrt🩷Grlz !

“Everybody wanna be famous, nobody wanna put the time in.” – Kevin Hart.

The Smrt🩷Grlz have gotten so in-depth with their business that I’m pretty sure they spent most of their time creating products and ideas, evidently. Coming up with a logo that both of them actually agreed, and merchandise, who’s gonna handle this part, who’s gonna handle the other? That comes with thought, things don’t just happen!

“What’s My Next Move?”
Smrt🩷Grlz & Family 💜🫂

The most significant part of this all, is what better way to start a business than without family? They are so in-depth themselves that they spend moments planning, advertising, and looking for places to be a vendor at. That’s how it all starts, and then it becomes networking by walking around to others and exchanging social media, or buying merchandise. Instead of saying “We have a business,” they had merchandise to sell and hopped right into things. Most people don’t have merchandise at the start of their business because they just want to be recognized, Smrt🩷Grlz came out with a BANG. S/o to the parents for even thinking this far, because not only have you paved the way for them to eventually branch on their own, and become bigger, but they are now set for life and don’t even know it. Out of the streets, inspiring others to do the same, and have themselves set for college, and whatever else they decide to take on. This is the start to something new, to be honest, I’ve only seen a few youth businesses, but nothing is as official as this, right down to the LLC. Best of luck girlz.


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