Daily Motivation 💜✨

I go away for a while, and then I come back, with a lot. I begun to focus on myself, started creating projects, movements, and ways to bring people together. What I noticed is, the more positive you are within yourself, confident, you start to see you for you. You start to see who you are, and what you are truly capable of. Whether it be in any industry, or just within yourself. When I came back, the love I got was the same as when I was around, and I thank ya’ll for that!

Dropping blogs, and content has always been my thing. I created many motivational post, but the fact that this one is still continuously floating around shows me something. SEE HERE. I taught my children as a teacher that they matter, and so does everyone else. This paved the way for each child to know that no matter what, they had help, love, etc. I did this to set a plant for the youth in my care or near. I have a passion for reminding people how important they are. I connect this with the tik tok because, they were going to eventually experience those emotions, however the tik tok talks about walking in the right path, and not worrying about anything crossing your way though trials and tribulations may come, blessings are as well. We aren’t as happy each day as we portray to be, and that’s okay. Sometimes we need that push to move forward.

For some reason, my push is when I see the real side of something, sometimes it’s just I’ll see it coming, been through it, or form of expression. I can’t help if sometimes what I write fits into your shoe, I’m very versatile, I’ve been through walks that I never thought I’d take. Those walks were either with people who took a different path, i’ve lost, and those still walking with me, so it’s a push for us all. One person has to lead the horse to the water.

Through doing such blogs and tik toks, I’ve positively changed the lives of others who have been in predicaments the same, a little bit less than, or worse than me. I keep going. Epilepsy isn’t a disability to me, because I won that battle. “No weapon formed against me, shall prosper.” It didn’t, 27 back to back seizures meant something. Something was trying to take me out, what’s fascinating is that I know I’m here for a purpose, and what that purpose is.

– Literaturebyjessc

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