(Jessica Hunter)


Off instinct, it’s always “Niggas ain’t sh*t,” or “You can’t trust anybody,” so Monica ain’t never really pay a nigga no mind, wasn’t gay, but if her a** was fat, Monica was lookin. Sophomore year is where you realize that it’s almost time for the real world, and the main “ain’t sh*t nigga”, her dad, who was posed to love and protect her from all that real world sh*t, attend the father daughter dance this year, and send her off to prom next year was still locked up, or had came home and got locked right back up for the same thing. Ain’t no way you couldn’t tell Monica’s dad was her dad, they looked JUST ALIKE, which was embarrassing because every other week it was “Yo you know ya dad got locked up again?” or “I just seen ya dad … “ Sh*t she ain’t even wanna know, like the streets knew him more than her. Growing up without that father daughter bond didn’t really help out with any Monica-nigga bond. In fact, “My father hurt me, so what makes me think you won’t?” After months of expressing herself to her best friend about not having a dad, Teesh just got fed up & told Monica she need to get out the house. 

“It’s friday, you ain’t got no job, we gon have some funnnnnn Tonight.”

Anytime Tyree nosey a** heard “fun”, he popped outta nowhere, “What’s the wave guys?” He popped out alright, but this time it was for Monica. All he wanted was her number, but everybody knew she had a lil crush on marcus, you could tell by the way she switched every time she walked passed him. She wasn’t feelin Tyree, but him & Marcus was both on the football team, & yeah “Niggas ain’t sh*t,” but if that’s the case, Monica was tryna be “ain’t shit” right along with him, so she slid Tyree them digits in hopes of getting closer to Marcus.

After school that day, Coach Lake called a meeting. He was strict on his players daily arrival time because he knew if he started practice later than right after school most of them would stay posted up against the locker with some girl, end up walking her home, and showing up to practice late talking bout some “I was studying for this class,” when they was really tryna get some a**. But for some reason Marcus was different, he ain’t never do none of that, and that’s what caught Monica’s eye.

“Girl if you don’t go speak to that man and stop stalking him like that,” Teesh said going down the ramp.

“Ain’t nobody stalking him, I was going to see Mrs.Fields for a heating pad, and just so happen to see a fine piece of chocolate sitting on the field. You don’t just walk right past that, especially all fast,” Monica explained, snappin’ her fingers.

“Whatever,” said Teesh, rollin her eyes. “You know he can see you Right?”

“And? For all he know I’m waiting on Coach Lake, he is my Sociology teacher you know.”

Monica always had a comeback for something, but when it came to Marcus, she could never come up with anything to say to him. A simple “Hi” to him made her legs wobble, and the sound of his voice in her head made her body wet. Teesh ain’t care for him too much though, she liked tough guys, and Marcus, he was tough, but he was too shy, barely had friends. Teesh thought Monica was just wasting her energy, but you couldn’t tell Monica that. She went into Mrs.Fields office for that heating pad, and as she reached for the first one, Tiffany was reaching for the second.

“Blew ya back out too huh?” Tiffany asked.

“Nah, daily treatment,” Monica laughed.

Tiff was Tyree’s old playdate from a couple months back, it never got that serious because Tiff was like the “School thot”, and though Tyree seen something else in her, he knew he couldn’t get in her. He was still a virgin, & when he was gonna loose his virginity, it had to be a good memory. Plus, he could use a lot more support being as though his dad had just passed last month.

After Monica’s daily treatment was over, she couldn’t wait to go home & change. It was Friday, practice was cancelled due to the town’s carnival, and she & Teesh was in there like swimwear. Teesh was already at the crib, she was like family, you know that one friend that call ya mom “mom”, yup that’s her. Except Teesh was like Bruh man from the 5th floor, she was in Monica’s crib before her all the damn time eatin up all her snacks.

*2 hours later*

They had showered, hair was fried, dyed, and laid to the side, and it was time to go. Uncle Ant was dropping them off, and if they wasn’t outside in 2 minutes, they wasn’t gonna have no ride cuz he had somewhere to be and he was not missing that. They pulled up downtown where the main part of the carnival was, and in front of them was a all black suv truck, tinted windows, something Monica would never forget. Out one door comes Marcus, and right behind him holding his hand was Maleek Grier, another teammate on the football team. Monica looked at Teesh as Teesh thought to herself “I knew it was something funny about this boy, I just couldn’t figure out what.”

Monica was a bit hurt, you could tell. But what was there for her to be hurt for when they wasn’t even in a relationship? Probably the fact that the whole school knew that she had a crush on Marcus & now he wanna come out the closet. That’s like a huge slap in the face. Teesh ain’t wanna tell her “I told you so,” but instead, “I told you something was wrong with that boy, I just ain’t know what,” was what she said.

Teesh suggested going out to eat, but by the time Monica turned around, Uncle Ant was already gone with the wind. He meant what he said when he said “I got somewhere to be and I ain’t missin’ That.”

They was cool with walking, plus Monica ain’t wanna have to explain to Uncle Ant why he would have to turn around and come pick them up, she had enough embarrassment on her hands, or at least that’s what she thought. Tryna to get away from the carnival before something else crazy happened, They started walking up the street. As soon as they turned the corner away from the carnival, turning the corner towards the carnival was Tyree and another girl… This time, his nosey a** minded his business alright, and walked smoove passed her. Monica stopped and scratched her head.

“But wait a minute. Wasn’t he just? Didn’t he? But how you gonna?” she stuttered out loud.

“Girl come on.”

That Monday back in school Monica took different routes to class, while Marcus and Maleek took Marcus’s normal routes, together. They were finally acknowledging who they were as a couple, and Monica was definitely not trying to be seen in the mix of it. “Lemme go put my history book in my locker since I don’t need it anymore for the day,” she thought to herself. Once she arrived at her locker & twisted the combination in, she noticed the lock was a bit hard to pull. When she finally got it open, it was a big “Happy almost birthday” card, a set of roses, and a teddy bear.” The card was signed “Tyree”, but she couldn’t figure out what he thought he was doing, because he damn sure wasn’t about to be seen with one girl, while tryna get with another. She remembered that he ain’t even speak to her at the carnival, so why would he be doing all this? Monica couldn’t wait to see Teesh in lunch so she could tell her about her lil’ gifts. Little did she know Teesh was the one who helped Tyree into her locker. She seen Tyree first though, and instead of “Thank-you”, Monica got right to the point.

“How you gon walk past me with another female at the carnival and ignore me, then I come to my locker and see all these gifts from you, I don’t understand.”

Monica was so sassy, she ain’t know how to treat a good nigga when she saw one, because her father had already messed that up by being so absent from her life. Tyree stood there in silence as Monica continued to say how it was rude and he couldn’t have them both.

Before she could continue some more, “It was my sister” he Shouted.

 ( So we discovered Marcus came out the closet, and we thought Tyree was tryna get his mac on with ol’ girl who was really his sister. We also see how close of a friendship Monica & Teesh have. )

*months later*

It was a month til’ prom and most of Woodbine high’s girls were either going with each other, their brother, and only some of them with their lover. Monica ain’t have no date yet, and if she ain’t have one, she wasn’t going. Since her lil’ embarrassment with Marcus at the carnival, Monica had to do better, and who better to do that with than Tyree? Everyone seen those gifts he stuffed her locker with, but nobody had seen them interact since.

“I’m finally going to get fitted for my dress tomorrow!” Nia shouted. “ It took me forever to find something to hold these tits.”

“Well thank God I ain’t got none,” Imani laughed.

“That’s cuz you can’t have both, you either get one or the other,”

Monica butted in sitting down at the table.

Imani, Nia, and Teesh all sat together at lunch. Their table was the one with all the loud a** black girls, except Teesh was missing. She had been skipping lunch these past couple of days & Monica wasn’t feeling it because since they had no classes together, lunch was where they spent the most school time together.

“Wonder what’s been going on with Teesh, I ain’t seen her in a Month of Mondays,” Monica exaggerated.

Imani and Nia looked at each other and continued dipping their french fries in ketchup in silence.

“Something ya’ll know that I don’t?” Monica questioned. But before anyone could answer, Teesh and Tyree entered the lunchroom laughing and joking.

“It seems like everything always happens to me.” Monica mumbled.

Tyree and Teesh approached the table and sat down as if nothing had been going on. Teesh knew Monica ain’t have no prom date, and Tyree wanted another chance. To Monica, it all seemed to be something so different. First Marcus, now Tyree?

“Well look at what we have here, where ya’ll been all lunch period?” Monica questioned.

Tyree and Teesh just stared at each other.


“Studying for that Math test Mrs.Lucas is about to give, you know they be extra hard for no reason!” Tyree explained.

“They ain’t hard, you just need to pay attention.” Teesh butted in.

Monica ain’t know what to say, think, or believe, so she sat down and ate her lunch, figuring Teesh would tell her wassup later. Lunch ended and off to class everybody went. Except Tyree and Teesh went together.

*After school*

Monica figured her and Teesh would chill afters school since that was the normal. After school came and Teesh was no where to be found.

“Monica watchu’ doin’ today? Me and Nia about to go grab something to eat and gossip about those we don’t like, you down?” Imani laughed.

Atleast she kept it real, that’s dead ass what we do, but today I wasn’t feeling it.

“Nah, imma go home, eat, do some homework, and shower. Been too emotional lately and really trippin’ over evrything, thinking it’s that time of the month. Usually in sync wit Teesh, but I ain’t really seen her to know wassup.

“We ain’t seen her neither, she prolly studying her ass off for something.”

“Studying? Nah that’s not her.”
We both laughed and headed towards the door. What was supposed to be a five minute walk home turned into two hours later. Guess what I was doing?


Me and Tyree supposed to be planning him and Monica’s surprise birthday dinner that’s in two days, but shit, spending all this time with him really got me feelin’ him.. I’ve never met someone so caring. Never met a guy so sweet, shit, I’ve never even had a guy do this for me and here I am helping one do it for someone else. Monica always yellin’ at somebody though. She gon’ miss out on a good one. Is she even feelin’ him? I want her to be happy, but for the first time in a while, I finally am.

“So after school, you tell her that you wanna take her out and catch up on things. Ya’ll gonna pull up to her favorite restaurant, Red Lobster, and order a table for two.”

“Okay, okay” I said smiling and nodding my head.

“When ya’ll get seated, you gonna have to use the bathroom,” Tyree said with air quotes. “You go to the bathroom and text me where she is seated, and I pop up with roses and handle it from there.”

“What about me?” I questioned.

“What about you?” Tyree questioned.


Usually I got my headphones in bumpin’ and rappin’ out loud, but Anthony seen me and stopped me asking why I always do that. And what was supposed to be a reply and keep it pushin’ turned into a forty-five minute conversation. I knew this was wrong, but we wasn’t doing nothing but talking. Anthony was the reason Teesh stopped being interested in relationships for a bit, and here I am sitting here chilling with her ex. We was just talking, even though he surely has matured over five years. He wasn’t this tall, and his dreads wasn’t that long, and he damn sure wasn’t that muscular five years ago.

“You not cold with just a sweater on?”

“Nah as fast as I walk, I would’ve been home. I live right around the corner. I should probably get home anyways before I catch a cold,” I replied, shivering.

He tried to give me a hug, and just as he did, guess who pulled up!


“You know what, I’m outta here!” I yelled, storming off.

Tyree stood there so lost. Boy was probably thinkin’ what the heck is wrong with me and here I am lowkey crushin’ on him. I couldn’t tell him that, I’d feel too guilty, Monica deserves happiness, and she’s finally gonna get it.

My uber was becoming impatient with me, so instead of going to Tyree to apologize, I ran to the truck.

“So sorry! I figured it’s better to use the bathroom now, than to be squirming on the way home.”

“It’s fine Ms.Sullivan,” the driver replied.

“Please, call me Teesh,” I smiled.

Before pulling off, he turned around looking a bit confused.

“Teesh?” He questioned. “I don’t mean to be rude, but is Teesh short for something?”

It was a little strange that this man was all in my business and I never seen him before, ever.

“Lateesha,” I smiled, “Lateesha Sullivan”

“Born June 17th, 2000,” He finished.

I looked up from posting a snap on my phone and starred this man in the eye. Infact, I began to examine everything about him, like that wedding ring. The more I starred at this man, the more I seen myself.

“Dad?” I stuttered. I hadn’t used those three letters together all my life, so pronouncing them together for a first time in a situation like this was kind of hard.

“Babygirl, I am so sorry.”

I didn’t even wanna hear what he had to say. Opened my door and called a cab from there. It wasn’t a long wait, usually I’d throw my headphones in and power walk home, but I had to tell Monica this one. I starred at what seemed to be time just passing by, then suddenly time froze. Time froze, and standing right in front of me was Monica and Anthony, hugging.

“ Thirteen dollars,” the cab driver demanded.


It was Teesh.. I wasn’t prepared to argue, but I know how she is over this man and for me to be seen hugging him, there was no explanation.

“Teesh, it looks like!” I tried yelling before she could even speak.

“So what is it? Because it looks as though you are hugging my ex, and you know we don’t do those.”

“My bad yo, I seen her with those headphones in speed walking home and stopped her joking about how fast she was walking that is all. I haven’t talked to her otherwise since me and you,” Anthony butted in.

I kind of didn’t want him to butt in because it would look as though he was trying to defend me in Teesh’s eyes, when really he was just trying to help me save my friendship. But then my mouth, I just couldn’t hold back and had to say something because how she go getting mad at me because she seen her ex hugging me but..

“Atleast I’m tryna talk to you about it and tell you the truth, unlike you walking up and down halls with Tyree knowing I like him!”

I thought I had said that to myself, obviously I didn’t because Teesh froze. I couldn’t tell if she was ready to swing, or I was actually right. I looked to the left of me where Ant stood in shock and started slowly tip toe’n off.

“That’s my cue to get up outta here, I didn’t mean to cause any trouble,” Ant whispered, all nervously.


After catching Monica with my ex, this bitch really had nerve to make assumptions of me and Tyree. You know what though, I couldn’t even say anything. I sat there, frozen, thinking of how I just left him. I’m supposed to be helping Tyree make my bestfriend’s birthday a blast, and potentially make her his girlfriend, and here I was trying to be his girlfriend my damn self. But I couldn’t let her know that, I couldn’t let my bestfriend know that we were feeling the same dude, well that I was tryna take her dude. Remember Marcus? Now this?

“You like him? I couldn’t tell by how hard of a time you was giving him. That man did the sweetest thing for you, and your first instinct was to go yellin’, and he’s STILL tryna get with you!” I enforced.

I took a step back, why was I defending my side of the situation so hard when I am just as wrong as she is? The one she’s feeling now, I’m feelin’ way more. Had I spent more time with her instead of him, none of this would’ve never happened.

“Teesh, are you feeling Tyree? Why you defending him so hard?” Monica questioned.

“I’m so sorry yo, I just found out some very bad news and ain’t know how to deal with it, and then pop up and see that. I trust you enough to believe that you wouldn’t do such a thing to me, so my bad, honestly,” I admitted.

“Well what happened?”

“Let’s talk about that when we get home,” I replied calmly.


So here I am arguing with my bestfriend over her ex of whom she has finally come to realization that nothing was going on between us. She apologized and all, but really, I’m wrong. His chocolate skin felt so smooth against mine, his eyes turnt my day around, and those lips…

“Monica!” I knew that voice sounded familiar, it was Nia. “You got ya prom dress already?” she shouted from her front door.

I was thankful that she lived next door to me but I ain’t need her tellin’ all my business to the whole street. Last week when I got off work, I came home to an empty house and she yelled out “Ya mom just left”.

“I surely did, I don’t know what for, ain’t like I got a prom date!” I yelled back, twisting my key into the door.

It was too much going on, tomorrow was my birthday and it doesn’t even feel like it. I just want the month of May over with.

“So I finished my job interview at Aaroga’s and called an uber home. The uber arrives and the driver started questioning me od, turning around, looking me in the face and all,” Teesh started.

“Wtf? Who was it? Why didn’t you call me? That’s very weird! Are you okay?” I asked, noticing tears drop from her face.

“He…” Teesh stuttered. “He said he was my dad.”

A silent pause filled the air before I could grab her because it brought back memories of my dad and why I act the way I do.

“Don’t cry Teesh, it’s gon  be alright. Did you speak to him?”

“I couldn’t even fix my lips to say anything back, so I got out and called a cab. Best, when  I looked this man in the eyes, I actually seen myself.” She cried some more.

“I’m so sorry yo, you know I know that feeling,” patting her back. “You know you got clothes here, you can definitely spend the night if you need comfort. I’m sure mom wouldn’t mind, she know how we do.”

“Lemme call my mom first and run it by her, she knows how emotional I can get.”

As she began texting, I went into the kitchen for some snacks, the door knob twisted and in walks my stepdad.

“Oh my god!” Teesh yelled.

I ran back towards the family room thinking something had happened to Teesh, and there her and my stepdad stood starring at one another, jaws wide open, tears in each eye.

“Monica…” Teesh said with a silent pause, “That’s him”.


Now I’m standing here face to face with a “William Hunter,” according to my Uber account.

“Monica..” I said with a silent pause, “That’s him.”

“So you mean to tell me,” Monica started.

“Yup, that’s my babygirl,” William butted in.

Babygirl? Last time I heard that name was from Anthony. The only person who has ever called me that. Didn’t make me emotional, and usually it does. I miss Ant and all, but how dare William come and act as if everything is okay and it’s not.

“Honey, please let me explain now that you are old enough to hear and understand for yourself.” William started.

“Yes, please explain because I want to know how my bestfriend and I could basically potentially be related.” Monica finished.

Potentially be related? Tuh I never even looked at it that way, but he was somebody I was not about to be claiming is what I thought to myself. But who was I kidding? We looked exactly alike.

“LaTeesha,” William started.

“Teesh” I butted in with sass in my tone.

“Teesh,” he swallowed and corrected himself. “I was young, very young at the time. I didn’t know who I was, what I was doing, or how to be a father. All I knew was the streets, and basketball, and that one of them was going to take my life or take me higher. Having a child wasn’t so much a distraction I’ll say, it was that I was scared.

“Of?” I questioned

“Scared of this right here, scared of not being able to give you exactly what you deserve plus more. Monica I didn’t have my mother growing up.”

“So that meant I had to grow up without a father because you grew up without a mom?” I cried.

“No babygirl. I just wasn’t ready. I’m absolutely sorry. You’re mother didn’t want me in and out of your life so she chose to do it on her own. I sent her a couple of dollars from time to time, and photographically, I’ve never missed one important moment in your life.” William cried, pulling pics from his wallet.


I stood frozen between Teesh and my stepdad as each word they uttered shot through my ears. I don’t know how I got it all, but did this young man just say he gave up his daughter? As close as we are, I mean I call him dad, he never mentioned having a daughter.

“William,” I butted in, all upset, “How come you never told me bout this?”

“You complained about how not having your real dad so much affected you, I was focused on trying to make sure you was good before anything. I married your mother so of course I had to get close with you.” William explained.

I didn’t want Teesh to think that I was tryna make this about me. So I deeply apologized and hugged her. Teesh’s phone was vibrating on the table for the past ten minutes, so I finally picked it up and handed it to her.

“Hello,” Teesh answered with tears in her eyes.

“Teesh, where are you? Everything okay? I’ve been texting you and getting no response.”

It was her mother, I knew that voice anywhere. If Teesh ain’t text back within a minute, she panicked. Understandable though, she had just lost her oldest boy a year back due to gunfire. Wrong place, wrong time. A mother’s love is so precious, she’s still hurting. Teesh looked as though she didn’t know what to do.

“Sorry Ma, I came to Monica’s to get something off my head and what I wanted off my head ended up walking right through her front door,” Teesh explained. Her phone volume was up so loud, I heard the whole conversation.

“What are you talking bout? I hope you wasn’t trippin’ over some boy.”

“Some boy alright. Some man. Your baby father..”

“Oh my gosh.. William Hunter?”

“Yes, William Hunter. Can you come get me?”

*The next day*


“Finally my birthday!” I thought to myself. Another year, another blessing. I didn’t have much planned, I just wanted a smoove and successful day. My birthday was on a school day so I really couldn’t do much, and it was no point of staying home alone. Mom was working til’ five and Teesh would’ve been in school. I hadn’t heard from her since lastnight when she left. She’s usually the first to wish me a happy birthday, but I understood she was really going through some things. I got up to the smell of breakfast, but I was not about to go investigate until I was showered.

An hour before school, and I still hadn’t heard from Teesh. Nia and Imani wanted to meet up and walk together, so today, I was dressed a bit earlier than normal. Mom made my favorite, 2 bacon, egg, and cheese sandwiches, with a cup of hot chocolate.

“Hey babygirl, Happy birthday!” She started. “I’ve got your breakfast all set up, your favorite, with a side of presents.”

“Thanks mom!” Usually she doesn’t make breakfast, but today was my special day and I was surely about take advantage of that!

“How’s Teesh? Will told me what happened yesterday, how is she holding up?”
“Mom did you know about her?”

“I knew he had a child, but not her.”

“She hasn’t messaged me since lastnight, I don’t know what’s up.”

It’s my bestfriend’s birthday and I haven’t spoken to her yet. Haven’t even wished her a happy birthday or nothing, instead I’m crying to Tyree about what happened yesterday. An hour left til’ school, and I’m not even dressed yet? Told Tyree I’d see him later, copied and paste that Happy Birthday text from my notes last night, and hopped in the shower.

“Teesh, you need a ride today or you walking?” Mom shouted , fixing her coffee.

“I’ll walk,” I shouted back. It was my bestfriend’s birthday, I had to look just as cute as she did.

*Doorbell rings*

“Teesh one of your friends at the door,” mom shouted.

“How you know it’s for me and you ain’t even open the door?”

“Who coming for me this early? Especially without notice, UPS don’t even deliver this early.”

I grabbed my bag and headed towards the door.

“Leaving kinda early today,” Mom smirked.

“Need to be around my friends, maybe that’ll help me take my mind off things you know.”

“Okay babe, call me if anything! You not gonna grab anything to eat?”

“Thanks Ma’, and nah I’m not really hungry,” I replied twisting the doorknob. To my surprise, it was Tyree. What was he doing here? I didn’t get the memo. He did live around the corner, but I’ve NEVER ran into him on my street.

“Morning,” Tyree greeted.

“Morning,” I replied as if we didn’t just get off the phone. “Watchu’ doin’ this way?”

“I’m always around this way, we’ve just never ran into each other. Figured I’d stop and see if you needed someone to walk with.

“Oh okay cool.” What was supposed to be a 10 minute walk seemed like forever. I thanked him for being there even though if Monica found out, she’d probably go crazy.

“If Monica seen us together, she’d probably go crazy,” Tyree started.

“So what you come to my house for?” Speaking of Monica, she never texted me back. Probably was mad at me for not texting her a while back.

“Was just tryna be a good friend,” Tyree laughed.

To my surprise, Tyree and I were crossing the street, at the stop sign an all grey Durango pulls up to a halt and out jumps Monica. She usually dresses up on her birthday, as she did. Red and white sweater with the shoulders cut open, all white pants, and a all red heel. You could tell she wrapped her hair last night because her curls was on fleek.

“Monica!” I shouted. I didn’t want her to think anything negative so I yelled out to her first, and plus it was my bestfriend’s birthday!

“Tyree!” she shouted back. “Who that you with?”. She normally wore glasses, but she didn’t have them on at the moment. I knew she didn’t see me.

“Happy Birthday!” We both shouted back approaching closer. Usually she’d be trippin’ seein me with Tyree, but today she seemed not to care so much.

“Uhhh.. Thanks.”

She was holding a big ol’ teddy bear and a card that read “Happy Birthday,” along with roses and chocolates. Who in the world gave her that? Seemed too caring to be from a family member.

“Gifts already? What mommy get you?” I asked, reaching to read the card.

It’s my Birthday, and again I’ve caught my bestfriend with the boy I was dealing with again. What am I to suspect? Should I care or correct her when she asked if Mommy got this and instead tell her it was her ex Anthony.

He sped off too fast to go park before I could even step foot away from the car. Obviously wasn’t enough time for Teesh to see who was driving, and had she did, she’d be pissed off. She reached in my bag all nosey tryna see who had got me this card.

“All nosey, what you get me?” I asked trying to change the subject.

“Oh that’s for you to see after school,” Teesh smirked, rubbing her hands together.

I wasn’t even about to question what was going on between them two because maybe for once in my life, I could actually be wrong, plus today is MY day.

“What you mean later? I’m kinda busy,” I said back. Teesh ain’t need to know that Ant was taking me out to dinner, all she needed to know was that I was busy. I knew she was going to ask.

“Busy? Whatchu’ got planned?”

“Don’t we got to get to homeroom?

The day went by so slow, I was so anxious to see where Ant was taking me, it was just for me to get out, I knew my Mother wouldn’t make it in til late workin’ that overtime. To be honest all that time Teesh was neglecting me, I didn’t think she had time or even remembered my birthday.

The bell rung for 8th period, I grabbed my bag, books, and phone and ran so fast out the classroom. History was such a boring class, thank god I sat in the back, all I did was scroll up and down on instagram thanking everyone who wished me a Happy birthday.

Teesh (to self)

I know when something’s up with Monica, and I can’t get mad at her for not really being around for support. I was supposed to be helping her plan for he birthday dinner, but yet when and if she see’s me, it’s with the guy she likes. Maybe when she sees what we had planned, she’ll understand.


Ant texted me saying he had a report to finish, and since his computer was broke at home, he was going to finish it in the library after school. Offered for me to chill with him there, but why would I be sitting in a library on my birthday? Or the rest of the day, he was my plans.

“Hey I’m sorry for being so distant. In all honesty, I was planning something for your birthday, but then all of my stress took over. Let’s meet up by your locker,” a text across my screen read. It was Teesh, how could I ignore her? At least she was trying.

I met her at my locker where I dropped off the books I didn’t need. Balloons and a card popped out and here go Teesh being nosey again.

“Who gotchu all this?” Teesh smirked.

“Whatchu got planned for me?” I questioned, trying to change the subject.

“Oh yeah girl c’mon, our ride outside.”

Guess she had a good amount of money on her card because this all black cadillac uber had to be expensive. The driver was a very 5 star driver, he got out out, greeted me “Happy Birthday”,and opened and closed our door. How did he know it was my birthday? She must’ve used my account for the free ride, but I ain’t trippin’. Our driver was of the Spanish decent, so we ain’t to worry about meeting new family members.

“How in the world were you able to pull this off?”

“Ask questions later,” Teesh smiled.

After an awkward car ride of not much conversation pulling up, all I could think about was them warm cheddar biscuits. Red lobster was my favorite restaurant and Teesh knew this was just how to make up for her actions our uber driver opened the door and escorted us out, and to my surprise, it was both Tyree and Ant.


“This wasn’t part of the plan, Ant whatchu’ doin’ here?”

“What am I doing here? What are you doing here? Don’t you and Tyree got some sort of date going on?”

“Date?” Monica butted in, “Teesh, it’s my birthday, what’s going on?”

But before Teesh got to explain anything, Ant had taken the floor again.

“Teesh had a date with Tyree, and I just wanted to surprise you. I lied and told you about finishing up a paper because I knew you wouldn’t check, giving me time to set things up,” Ant replied.

“Monica are you messing around with my ex?”

“Teesh are you messing around with my crush?”

Tyree and Ant both took a quick look at each other and waited for questions to be answered, yet no one said anything.

“Monica, may I talk to you alone?” Tyree asked, leaving a scene of unanswered questions.

“Originally, Teesh was supposed to be helping me set this birthday dinner for two because getting in your ear on a personal try is kind of hard. I guess in the mix of that, Teesh needed a form of support with all that she has been going through, so I had an open ear. Nothing more from my point of view, but maybe she took things a bit differently.”

Monica listened, but never said anything.

“Hold on, lemme see if our reservations are still in tact,” Tyree smiled, walking away.

As he walked towards the receptionist, Ant walked out of the bathroom asking what’s the hold up, and pointing to our table, while Teesh was no where to be found.

(Teesh to self)

“What am I doing? I’ve betrayed my own bestfriend not knowing that she’s done the same exact thing, and there is no telling how long she was doing it, what am I to think? Am I wrong?”

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