Different forms of expression.

Plainfield isn’t as bad as everyone thinks it is, jersey period. But see, this is different, Plainfield don’t get as much love as Newark, East Orange, or Irvington, but here are some of my favorite talents in and near by.

You see there’s a certain way you can be “about the streets”, to where you connect one another. Reem is one who has connected Plainfield as one via clothing. Have you seen GG Clothing ? I love the way it mostly connects brothers in a positive way, it’s like once you put this sweater on, you are now a loved brother.

Don’t sleep on Plainfield, and it’s small NBA competition. Following right behind is Plainfield High’s Graduate Jaleel Simmons who went to college for ball, but does way more than that like track. In such great fit, we definitely hope he gets picked for swatting somebody’s shot, getting to the finish line first or hopping over that pole.


When it comes to expressing yourself through fashion, $Jayy is always my favorite. The type of vibe his clothing and style gives off is “just be yourself,” you wouldn’t even know what mood he was in based off his clothing because of the way he presents himself during photography.


Check his clothing out here: DIRTYBYSJAYY

Need your photo taken? Kasi got your back with Studio 15 Productions . To some, it’s just a camera, a camera that can take pictures, but to Kasi, it’s a camera, a camera that can save memories and he does it the right way! When a photo is taken so clear, and you look back at your wedding photo and didn’t realize how bright your smile was, or how shiny your ring was, you’ll be calling Kasi back for more memories to be saved! It’s like anything he takes a photo of makes you think behind what the photo is or who is in the photo. For example, taking a photo of a flower(s), makes you think about its significance and what a camera can do.

kasi promo pic

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