I Always Got A Story!

So my dog (Gizmo) is like an alarm clock here. There is a warehouse near, and every morning they’re up making loud noises doing whatever they doing, he comes running down the hall mad because they woke him out of his sleep. Bruh all that barkin’, you just woke me from mine. Then I get up to go to the bathroom, come back, and he’s in my cover, laying on my pillow… LOL. So I’m up now, good morning! BTW, I didn’t have my coffee yet, and the paper my coworker is in route to pick up, Gizmo bit up.

What gives me the ability to write such poems and short stories are mostly the things I’ve experienced myself. Writing daily journals got old, of course in a story I might’ve added or twisted a few things to keep my reader’s attention. I’ve received a lot of feedback regarding making a book. I thought about it, things like that take time. I’ve already got a lot to work on currently, and I always start something and never finish it like “Betrayed.” It is about that time for a book though more about me, or something fictional, I haven’t decided. Idk we’ll see.

Meanwhile, I have a lot going on in the month of November. My seasonal starts soon, which idk how I’m going to do that with Epilepsy, my story about being epileptic will soon be in effect, movie with Yojd1 worked on, more videos will be posted (seriously), the first was just a test. I have a couple other dope writers and instrumentalist sliding through, (well I’ll be using their beats), but we’ll see how this goes. Any who, lemme go find some tape for this paper, get me some coffee, and I’ll get back to ya’ll with That Lil’ Love Story, because I did my thing on that last part, had me waiting for the next part myself, like I’m one of ya’ll. LOL.

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