Having patience is key. Will it ever pay off? Sure, might not be exactly when you want, but it’ll happen. You shouldn’t always give give give, and expect expect expect right at that moment just because you gave. If you wait, something bigger and better will come your way. For example, drawing attention to my writing and web pages have been very hard, but I’ve had patience. I knew that it wasn’t gonna automatically get the views I wanted, but through time of working and working, and being patient, it’s getting there.

It’s nice to be able to do things on your own, but when you have someone who wants to join your team sincerely for the better and doesn’t want any part of it for themselves, it’s amazing. Having the “If I got it, you got it” mindset or the “If your down, imma help you back up” mindset, or even finding someone with that mindset is truly a blessing. That’s all about patience.. Getting that hair into a ponytail = patience, Getting/loosing weight = patience, everything takes time.

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