My dreams

You don’t just dream something just because. Dreams are always a form of reality whether it be previous or future, the question is whether or not you choose to listen to them, premonitions as well. I recall one day sitting with my brother and sister chilling and all of a sudden I just had this feeling, like something doesn’t feel right, we should move, and that’s exactly what I told them. In the process of moving, a cop was pulling right on up, and everybody looked at me as if I was some God or something. That night i know we made the White Castle employees mad because we arrived five minutes before closing with a list of food.

Now if I say I don’t like somebody, or I’m not feeling their vibe, it’s not just to be hating. I am a VERY outgoing and social person, so hatred from me comes for a specific reason. Me and my friends threw a lil’ kickback, and there was this guy who just kept asking questions as if he was looking to do something or looking to feel somebody out. I warned all of my friends before leaving myself, and ironically, another friend who was there at the kickback said the guy of whom I wasn’t feeling was known for stealing.

I’m not sure if being able to know somethings ahead of time or being able to “predict” certain things is always a good thing because life is full of surprises. Now, I will say when it comes to dealing with emotions, or something happening to a friend or family member, you’d always want to know what you can ahead of time. Like I actually dreamt that I was getting cheated on, guess what happened? Although it’s pretty hard keeping up with a website with such tabs and trying to promote myself, I also have daily visions of my writing taking off, as it is already beginning to thanks to the support and promoters helping me. Now I could be dreaming such things because of my medication, but nobody’s just ALWAYS right like that. Life and it’s ability is just very very weird.

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