After the funeral ..

Too often we loose things like a key and never find it, an I.d, and never find it; so you get another. Not everything you can get another of, or not everything you loose comes back. At a funeral of a loved one, you cry and cry. Once that casket’s buried, and you know you can’t bring them back, you move forward, like everything else you loose in life. 💭 Nobody said it would be easy. I remember trying to get a copy of a key, took it all the way home, and it didn’t work correctly. It came time to renew my drivers license, and I couldn’t because I am epileptic, but you find other ways around that. My point is, moving forward from any situation, big, or small, a funeral or a relationship, even a sickness, could be VERY hard. You could cry, and cry, and cry your heart out, never a bad thing. A form of emotion, but after a while, things get better. I wouldn’t be able to generally speak upon a subject had I not heard the example of moving forward through anything from the explanation of a funeral. I am so good at being able to give advice I can’t take. 😂

I titled this blog After the funeral because it’s though you’ve lost that loved one, you still move forward, it may hurt for a while, but you move forward from everything. 🙏🏾

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