Thank You Veterans!

Too often we don’t think about those who made it possible for us to walk this earth. Those who fought and gave their lives for ours. Today I had the pleasure of meeting with a Veteran of the Vietnam war, and it was an extreme blessing!

Being shot 6 times, hearing shots, fireworks, etc., really does something to you as a person. It traumatizes you, somethings you’d never understand unless it happened to you. Michael’s spirit and personality, as well as willingness to never give up truly inspired me. Michael (as well as other veterans), put their life in jeopardy, some not by choice for us. Imagine being taken away from your family and knowing there is a possibility that you may not return. Any veteran of any war, I truly thank you. I don’t think people say that enough, THANK YOU.

Michael talked of things I could never imagine, like being drafted at 19, sleeping with one eye opened, AND getting shot 6 times, killing all who shot him. Such an amazing story and blessing to see him up and moving better than ever after being hospitalized for almost a year with such health issues and traumatic experiences. Someone always has it worse thank you, I always say this, NEVER give up.

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