Marijuana ain’t killin’ lives.

Have you heard of somebody dying over Marijuana? Me neither. Everyone can act so strongly towards Marijuana, but not as strongly towards aids, cigarettes, and the other things/people that’s actually killing people. Certain jobs you can’t work because of that, certain facilities have an issue with that, but check this out. Has cigarettes saved a life? Who’s anxiety did it help? Ya’ll found the cure for Aids and Cancer yet? OH! Marijuana/thc/whatever you wanna call it actually puts the mind and body at ease, and for some, it heels pain. What problem is Marijuana causing in today’s world? Honestly. I’m not flat out saying you should try it. I’m saying, other things should be focused on, do ya’ll not realize that Marijuana is actually a medicine?

How bout I tell you that you can’t work with me because you smoke cigarettes? That’s what should really be banned. How bout ya’ll focus more on who’s killing who? It seems as though based on your ethnicity, when a cop pulls you over, they ready to search your car. Seen it happen so many times to the point where Policeman are well known and addressed by their first name. In the process of searching my car, did you find my friend’s obituary? You gon’ find who did that?

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