Her words of wisdom are awesome, seeing how productive she is given her situations are awesome, and the strength she carries rubs off on me. I’ve watched her grow over these years from pictures, to radio stations, to hosting events, and to now having her own web page and hosting more events. Can you say amazing?! One of the greatest friends you can have, who’s always there for you, and her work, #lovemoremvmnt.
Haji is just such an upliftment, with hair or not, absolutely beautiful. I feel the blue hair and blue in general naturally defines who she is as a person, very open spirit. I believe that’s what I love about her the most, you can tell she’s been through some things, but with that bright smile and color, you’ll see nothing but happiness. My biggest form of inspiration. I’m all for the upliftment of one another, need a model? Check her Instagram. Need help?

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