Remember “Good Deeds?”

Remember yesterday when I spoke about doing good deeds and how it makes you and the other person feel? I was riding home from Elizabeth yesterday and the bus only took exact change in which I did not have, I had bills. I kindly gave the singles I had and walked to a seat. I asked how much the ride home was and the lady tried to over charge me, although I hadn’t given her the right price, there was a lovely guy next to me. Older head, not for me, but he got up so I could sit down, and even gave me the extra dollar to enter into the machine. I tried to give him the change for what he gave me, and he did not want it. Not because he was rich, but because he wasn’t worried about a dollar, it was a kind act of him.

The guy, in which I caught his name and took a photo with, was REALLY nice and explained how the bus ran. There was no where to sit, everybody was sitting up and standing on top of each other, it was just a whole wreck, and for the driver to be taxing people but moving so slow caught me off guard. I would’ve showed you guys here and via the vlog (CLICK LINK TO VIEW VLOG) I did yesterday, but my phone died, and so did everybody else’s with the way she was driving, but she made sure she got paid and taxed everyone who came on the bus.

Yesterday I had a great experience from learning where to catch the bus, to skipping different towns, to meeting new people. I met someone while I was taking a picture in Elizabeth who asked to take a picture with me, but my phone died. 😦 I will be traveling around a lot more often, and visiting/helping others just out of the kindness of my heart because it makes me feel GREAT.

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