We stand tall for Joanne Hollis’s Black Diamonds. You joining?

In loving memory of Ms.Joanne Hollis.

Joanne Hollis


I stand for positivity in Plainfield, especially from our younger crowds. I keep telling ya’ll Plainfield is more special than just what ya’ll hear and see, we got talent over here! We got older heads with talent, and little ones who NEED to be heard and seen. Plainfield isn’t only for YOU, shouldn’t be no violence, we got little voices that need to be heard!!

Altariq Nelson Leading His Group

Back again with the “Joanne Hollis Black Diamonds”, Coach Altariq Nelson is looking for more Dancers! They tore up the Fourth of July parade with their dance, and now they are recruiting more. (Click link to read their 4th of July movement)

Can you dance? Or can you two step? With the help of Altariq, you’ll be doing it all. For a group that hasn’t been together that long, they got their colors, dance routine, and PRIDE down pack! Who stoppin’ em? Wanna join? Contact Altariq @ It’s a dance team, they can contact me at 9085462636. Practice will be Monday -Friday, working on yo dance moves from 4:00-6:00pm . If they killed it like that in the parade, imagine what YA’LL could do!

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