When It Rains

“When it rains it pours,” “When it rains that means someone is crossing into heaven,” “It’s raining to break the humidity,” ; we’ve heard it all. That thunder this morning though, SHEESH. I sat straight up during one bolt and completely forgot what I was dreaming about at around 5:30/6am. Usually I be KNOCKED out but that woke me right on up. In exploring nature lately, and becoming more open to it, and just in general, the sound of water is so calming. It eases my mind and body, as the sound of rain hitting trees and my window does, I really was just tryna sleep peacefully this morning though.

Is it just me, or does your body give you signs of rain or when it’s near? Like my lower back hurts a few hours before it begins to rain, or on the day it has rained sometimes for the whole day. Why this happens I have no idea. It’s cool to be connected to nature and what not but ain’t nobody gonna feel like massaging my back all the the time or using a heating pad every night. It also seems as though when it rains, people become a little more to themselves, and kind of like just because it rained you have to be sad. Who said so? How does weather steal your joy? You woke up this morning didn’t you? That lil’ cute outfit you was gonna wear but it rained, you can wear some other time, it ain’t going no where.

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