Check this out. We’ve all noticed just about every one of us has a hobby or thing we love to do the most which most guys like to play video games, and most girls love tv shows, and dates. What we fail to do is coincide with one another. If you wanna spend time with yo man, not every guy is always dissin’ you or whatever you think. Sometimes that’s their form of expression but girl/guy you better pick up that controller and learn how to play too. That’s what I mean by communication, not every lack of communication is the guy’s fault, women fail to realize things too. Try enjoying or at least try learning how to enjoy somethings/shows your guy likes. How you think he feel about watching Love and Hip Hop sometimes or in the nail salon with you when he could be out with his boys?

Fellas, Fellas, Fellas, it’s no rules to the fact of ya lady having guy friends, it’s how she handles it. If she wanted to leave you, I’m pretty sure she would’ve done that a long time ago. It’s all about trust, if you believe something different, you must be doing something wrong. That topic is iffy, and only for mature people. When ya lady say “Come with me to do such and such,” she want you to see her doing something for you, she want to be seen with you, or to make you proud. You have to look at things more generally. This is what I mean about lack of communication, we need to look deeper, it’s not just about talking. Just things I was noticing.

(Jessica Hunter)

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