Why I Love What I Do.

My hobby was always literature, and I was raised as the type of person, “One eat, we all gon’ eat,” so when I see others doing well, I support. If you want people to support you, you have to support them, Now, how far I’ve made it now was all thanks to you guys. It started with a pen and a notebook and was just my daily thoughts. Daily thoughts turned into poems and writings, and now look. What I love the most is my city (Plainfield, NJ) knows who I am. After a year of hard work going from only 800 views to 4,600 is absolutely amazing, all thanks to YA’LL. Ofcourse my hard work and dedication was consistent, but you guys pushed me.

What I love the most about this is knowing I have an impact on people’s lives. Yesterday, I walked up to speak to my lil’ friend, and giving out hugs and somebody was like:

“Put me on your page.”

“What page?”

“You ain’t know she’s a blogger? She does everything, that’s “literaturebyjessc”

NO LIE, I ain’t know shorty from a can of paint, but she looked good. I was lowkey gassed to know I got a team behind me, my city know what I do, and I’m coming to a hood near you soon. Now it’s time to show ya’ll the real me. This is why I push people further, don’t believe me, look below.

(Jessica Hunter)

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