Homemade Rehab

Uncertain Changes

As he lays down on the bathroom floor shaking uncontrollably and wishing death would just end it, vomit seeping out of his mouth. Body sweats has taken over, his bowel movements are uncontrollable as pain sores through his body exiting by a scream from his mouth. Holding for dear life around the toilet he wonders if he made the right choice, withdrawal was in full effect and he regretted it. Blowing chunks from every exit in his body but he knew he had to fight it , backing down wasn’t involved. He was screaming and crying begging god to stop the pain. His decisions caused him to end up here, and He had to figure what to do next. Laying down in a ten by ten bathroom in 100 degree weather in the middle of florida was the only option that was available, staying in New Jersey would’ve ended with…

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