Quesse Smoke-Seasons

Now, I love hearing new music. Why? Because it’s an expression of what one has seen, done, or been through. It’s always interesting to hear where one has come from because it shows a few things like what one has been hiding or why they act the way they do. What drew me to Quesse Smoke was his consistency in his music via every social media. He made sure he was putting content out everywhere almost every other day even if it was just a positive tweet.

Now lemme Honestly tell you about his latest album ” Seasons.” The whole album connected. It wasn’t just different topics thrown on to one track/album. It was related topics pertaining to his emotions ( listen to it on your own to get a feel.) Some of the things he said made me sit back and think, made me take and run with it. Something that stuck with me was the whole song ” Plottin'”. My guy said “What he rap for? I do it just so I can talk shit on a track more.” Take it anyway you want, but music is a form of expression point proven. ” I was dumb bro, and I made a name for myself.” He’s telling you clearly what he came from as apposed to now. Dropped 2 Months ago, and still A HIT! & You’ll know you love it cuz you’ll be drippin’ on ya thighs. 😍

It’s something different about his flow, his style, his photography, they all coinside with one another correctly. All though his work lacks nothing, his photography makes up for his music and vice versa. Truly amazing. I can’t wait to see what’s next, straight outta Maryland. It’s talent everywhere, I was just out there last month. 🔑 Quesse Smoke S/o to you, keep your own vibe as you’ve been doing a great comparison to kendrick lamar.

( Jessica Hunter )

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