It’s crazy because I created Literaturebyjessc in support of others deeply, and now I have others deeply supporting me. It’s amazing, the fact that you guys ask why I haven’t produced any work, or why am I just blogging and not doing poems and stories. It lets me know ya’ll was actually paying attention, that my hard work didn’t go to waste. I choose to produce poetry based off of the things I’ve experienced/done, and then it gives you a flip and you’re like Jess I know you ain’t…

Lemme tell you, as I sit and look at my reviews, as always to anticipate on what I could be doing better, I look at everything that Literaturebyjessc is about. Maybe FreedTone was right on the live yesterday, I used to produce something each day even if it was just about the ground, and I kind of steered away from that in light of steering others the right way. I can’t help it, I’m a positive person in a different way, don’t take that for granted, I’m a Gemini/Cancer I was told.

So stuck in a world of my own and the fact that I’ve “finally made it,” but this isn’t it to me, it’s more to the game then just this. After laughing and joking last night with my brother he came up with a great question. “What’s next?” And I projected the response of “We don’t know, we just keep going and doing what’s best for ourselves until something tells us other wise.” Then it skipped to “We can’t ever complain about having a lot on our plate when it was our goal to eat in the first place.” True statement, and maybe that’s a bit of advice I need to take my own self. If you don’t know, talent vibez is in the process of coming back. Trying to make sure I have the proper time for you guys because ya’ll know we vibed from 7-8 every Thursday and it didn’t always fit the long list of those waiting.

Here’s where my mind is at right now. Wine and prepare for the next day. So if you’ll excuse me, I finished Fuller House, what else do ya’ll suggest? Anyways I got clothes to feed, food to make, and all that great stuff.

( Jessica Hunter )

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