George Floyd’s Death took a major toll on everyone around the world including officers believe it or not. People are obligated to feel the power of “Black Lives Matter.”

I see a lot of different opinions such as “All lives Matter,” which is true, but all lives aren’t constantly at risk when on knees, and crossed in the streets. I’ve witnessed racism personally plenty of times. “Oh they invited the blacks?” Getting randomly stopped because I was with a Caucasian male. The cop literally asked ” What are you guys doing together?” It’s like when we try to unite we, we’re wrong. I was searched from head to toe just as he was. During so, my friend tried to explain that he had a disability, and was told to shut up.

Of course racism exists all over, but what no one understands is that each time African-Americans try to do well, we are tormented and brutally beaten. We fought so hard for justice for it to be snatched? BLACK LIVES MATTER! Do I agree with looting? No, I think we need to be heard the proper way by protesting correctly and voicing our opinions, but what happens in some cases? Beatings, arson, theft, what more is there to do? You see different ethnicities may not understand, but we as African-Americans were slaves, maids, beat, and not by choice. What if that was you? I say this with the up most respect to those protesting “Black Lives Matter” of different ethnicities, THANK-YOU! There are children who are mixed, mixed fanilies. The support I seen the other day on literaturebyjessc’s instagram was absolutely amazing. Michael Jackson said it before “They don’t really care about us,” but salute to those who do. Every cop isn’t bad. Beanz told it all HERE . Fly high my guy, rest in peace.

( Jessica Hunter )

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