Covid-19 Made Me Realize

During my whole experience with Covid-19 thus far, I thought to myself, “Damn, this is really life?” Wearing masks and gloves to not contaminate each other is one thing, but celebrations and funerals is another. It doesn’t give proper cope, but we’ve learned how to come together as friends and family.

Social distancing should be practiced everywhere, and it isn’t as strongly enforced as other things. People fail to realize YOUR HEALTH MATTERS! There are people with respiratory issues, other things that Covid-19 could affect, but who knew a disease like this could have hit us so hard especially during these times. Who knew our children would be attending school in shields/boxes protecting themselves from others? It sounds so terrible today.

For those not wearing masks, please be considerate to those risking their lives for you. Imagine the way our children feel being held captive to their own home missing parks, parties, school, etc.? That can make one go crazy. I wanna say thank-you to those who wear a mask around the elderly and those with medical issues.

In a way, if it wasn’t for Covid-19, we wouldn’t have all come together. I’ve been able to give back, to have the joy of connecting with others and doing bigger things, making bigger moves by social distancing through social media. Stay tuned with Jerseyclubtv.

Youtube: Jerseyclubtv


( Jessica Hunter )

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