7, December, 2020

Jessica Hunter // Management:

Plainfield, NJ / North Carolina

Album to be released / Song: Negus

Negus has dropped Dec.7th. Bubsy has had hits back to back since ” Depression,” but each song is a better Bubsy than before. “Now it’s time to turn it up a notch.” Not only did he turn North Carolina up, he’s turning up Instagram, Spotify, Apple Music, etc., with so much work in so little time. What I love so much about ” Negus ” is the hype behind it. The fact that he spoke about real life, I was able to compare with his mindset. It’s grind time all the time in life, ain’t nothing handed to you; and that’s exactly what he told us. Bubsy has always been “One for all,” meaning one person on his team wins, we all eat and in his new song “Negus,” he clarified that well.

“People look at you strange, saying you’ve changed, like you’ve worked that hard to stay the same.” – Jay-z


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