We Are Plainfield

“Stay outta the streets,” they say. “Colors and handshakes are killing us all they say; yet everything that was handed to us got snatched away.

How do you expect for a city to stick together if you keep taking away everything that brings us together? Basketball tournaments, believe it or not kept everyone out the streets. Them courts mean something to everyone, despite age. Parks, community centers, right down to shelters all taken away to place housing; not for the homeless, or affordable rather. What do we do with the talent we each have individually as a team? When you take away from us, we snatch it right back; the correct way. Marches, meetings, phone calls, just as Ms.Karen Hall done, and then some.

Everyone is out here literally doing everything as a team individually, and it’s honestly a great site to see despite what we’ve gone through to get to where we are. Clothing lines are taking over Plainfield, “We Outside”, “Comma Crazy”, “Go gettaz”. Food is filling us up with 2muchsauce , Cook It Up, and Amazing Taste. We’ve got Blaqwall Studios, Kasi Mckoy Studios, & Everylasting moments, & where it all sarted, THE CONNECT. We still the SHIT!

As a Mayor, when you take on that position, it is your job to ensure the safety and comfort off your town, everybody’s business, becomes your business. Masks, covid help, crime rate, etc., in your hands for the better. How can you try to make a town appear visible without making sure those living in it are comfortable? “Momma K”, as she is known, your strength will continuously be pushed. You never stopped, and neither will we. When people see “Plainfield”, they don’t see us for who we truly are, they see us by how we live; getting it by any means, it’s time for Plainfield to have a new meaning, because it surely isn’t the “Queen city” everyone once loved to travel to. All theaters, museums, and everything else was slowly stolen from us.

( Jessica Hunter )

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