The Ways Of Life ..

Everyday I’ve learned something new; whether it be the ways of life itself, or getting by. I noticed I have the tendency to pay attention to other things and other people in general, more than myself.

When I say this, I mean it respectfully. I’m old enough to know better, I’m old enough to know how I want to proceed in life. Yes, it’s cool to drink and party with your friends; but once you loose sight of what’s important to you, you loose sight of yourself. To be honest, I seen that within myself recently. Constantly trying to prove myself to others and not myself; I lost certain sources of income. And ya’ll know messing with my money is like messing with your life. So I got back to it.

It took for me to seclude myself from everyone and their lives in order to focus on mine. I had to draw a boundary at some point; I promised myself this year and moving forward; if you are not trying to help myself or yourself progress, you cannot my peace. I’m finally able to be open and accept my pain. I didn’t say I was over it, but I’m learning to deal with it.

( Jessica Hunter )

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