“Jersey Club Is Home” – Stevie Stylez 🏡🏆

“No “hood” can change a person from the hood,” is an understatement. Growing up in Patterson, NJ, was never easy when it’s violence and street life all around you; and in the back of your head is still some form of determination to “make it,” is Stevie’s mindset.

Growing up in the Jersey Club era, inspired by Cue Heat, 809, Opxra, Panic, and Tmarq; Stevie found his way as Stevie Styles ; a producer first, and Stevie second. It became his passion, something that couldn’t nobody take away from him because, as long as he knew he had a positive influence on somebody; is all that matters. In hopes of changing his lifestyle around to accommodate success, Stevie moved and took a piece of Jersey club with him. Juggling college, and Jersey club, Stevie made it his business to network, and continuously find a way to not only contribute to uniting Jersey Club, but it’s continuation. When I say that, I mean bringing in the old with the new, teaching and being taught, production, and promotion. 

From the start of me working with Stevie via social media, I got to hear and understand who he was as a person and as a producer. Stevie, myself, and a few others did a show based off basic mentality of having a craft, and the mindset it takes to have. After hearing Stevie share a few personal things, I learned we both have similar traits and personalities. He actually gave me a few pointers on how to manage your craft and the stress it comes with. He some how managed to distinguish the music makes us all feel. When I say music, I mean what Jersey Club does and has done for people like us, as opposed to what other types of music does and how it makes you feel. ” Jersey Club is home ” – Stevie

Some of Stevie’s greatest works includes his feature with Opxra to Taylor Swift’s – Trouble ( CLICK HERE ) . What a mix! I was very surprised to hear such greatness together, it’s kinda hard to explain. They both have different styles, yet the flow was CRAZY! In fact, STEVIE WHERE YOU BEEN? It was just a complete shocker, just as his “Drip too hard.” There’s no ethnicity limit when it comes to Jersey club, the sky’s the limit, and Stevie’s aiming for that limit. Let’s just say he has something really amazing in the works and I am very proud to have witnessed what I have thus far, STAY TUNED. Stevie’s working all around dropping flyers like 908’s New Single “Ewww” (which was featured via Power 105.1) , and the flyer attracting eyes of other talents. I received a phone call this morning with regards to his flyers, and Stevie’s response someway somehow, ” I’m On It.” The man never stops working !! 


Stevie Styles: Instagram // Soundcloud // Twitter // 

( Jessica Hunter )

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