It Feels Good ๐ŸŒธ

Many ask me how I became Literaturebyjessc, it was random. I was going through things within myself, holding it back to myself, and eventually lost myself. I went from “_storiesbyjess_” to “Literaturebyjessc” ; after acknowledging my writing, and ability to become the poet and journalist I am today.

Eventually people started to see post with dreams of me in the media. Never did I imagine to work with those I have thus far, never did I think I would witness major events upclose and personal, or to be mentioned in a great honor. But I have, I’ve paved the way for others who may not have made it that far yet, but they’re trying; and I’ve also put my personal to the side to encourage others to start, finish, or continue.

There are many people who I have to thank, including myself. I let go of a lot of negativity in hopes to positively progress; and it feels amazing. I’ve found my forgiveness without given apologies, and it feels great to know that someone can come and depend on me without me wanting anything in return. ( Although my work isn’t free )

( Jessica Hunter )

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