What Does Your Zodiac Sign Mean To You?

Growing up, I have always believed in or heard ” You act like that because you’re a ( Insert zodiac sign ).” Do you believe your life revolves around your zodiac sign? Do I? Hmm, kind of hard to explain considering the fact that age ain’t nothing but a number, so if a number means nothing, what does your sign mean? I’m a firm believer of we act the way we do because of the things that we’ve been through, but what connects that? Emotions.

Apparently, our emotions revolve around our zodiac sign, time of birth, rising moons, etc. I am a Gemini. Now most would say we are two-faced, liable to have back up plans in every movement, we don’t show our emotions, but we have them, etc. Me, I’ve been told I don’t have emotions, little do ya’ll know I’m one of the most loving people in the world. Donations and anything I can do to help the community and my friends/family with little to none in return is one of my favorite things. That warms my heart. Funny when we say Gemini’s are “two-faced”, I have two personalities yes. Business, and personal, professional and disrespectful, good, and “Just leave me alone.” I try to accommodate every situation the best way possible.

Given this recent retrograde, we were supposed to go through a phase of emotions. My emotions caused me to see who is real, who is there for you, and who is just using you. My second side of me isn’t the “Phony” side that most would classify. It’s the side that plays smart, has a back up plan for when I say “Hello, how are you today?” and you just brush me off or give me a smart remark. You know what my back up plan is in that case? Beat you with an act of kindness, and my response would be “I’m sorry, are you having a bad day?” Usually people tend to loosen up when placed in situations like this, or you see the real them and know how to move. So when you say a Gemini has two sides, yes I do, the easy way or the hard way. I do believe in astrology to a certain extent. I do believe that certain signs placed together or too closely can clash. For example, an Aries always has to be right, my Mom is an Aries. Let’s just say whatever she says goes even if she’s wrong. A Taurus will argue you down, has to have their way, has to show you why they’re right even though you already understand; tending to add on past situations to a current. I love my brother, trust me I know.

Funny how me as a Gemini, I look at other Gemini’s and say ” I do not act like that.” Finally understanding that your zodiac sign also depends on the time you were born, etc. Men Gemini’s are a little more secretive and defiant in relationships I’ve come to notice. When I say this I mean they always have to have the last word, be correct, they have to feel the empowerment of being a man, and when I say secretive, sometimes they use the wrong lies during the wrong situations. Things like that make it hard when you have a Gemini dating a Gemini; now not all signs dating the same signs are bad for each other right down to a Gemini dating a Gemini, and I’ll leave that right there.

( Literaturebyjessc – Jessica Hunter )

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