Meeting Dana Johnson ✨

Each day we meet someone new. A co-worker, friend, family member you may not have known of, but not all are like Dana Johnson. Dana and I initially met networking via clubhouse. I’d usually get up each morning in a room with Dana sipping coffee, and working, nothing but good vibes, questions, and suggestions. Eventually, it became deeper than that, I wanted to see who Dana was and what he does as a person. I woke up each day in the same chat room as him, and just by the way he spoke, you could tell he’d be a great inspiration.

Dana and I begun working behind the scenes when I was first able to hear this one amazing track. So smooth, so JERSEY CLUB, yet his personality spoke through that song. I was highly impressed. I knew during our work the way he presented himself, he was about his business. My work ethic and friendships are really genuine, so a few days ago became a great moment in social media networking. Sitting down in Thestu732, Dana and I had been made plans to link. At the grace of God, I looked through my window and it was Dana! Let me tell you how happy I was to see him! It was as if we already had been friends for a while, it felt so real. I instantly over loaded him with so many questions, lol. What a guy because I think I had a million.

“No matter what you look like, where you from, what you rep, we are all under the sun.” – Dana Johnson . This was said in response to a question I had asked with regards to why he named his label “Under The Sun Music.” ☀️ For a person who loves to figure out ways of why everything is connected, better yet how we can connect it for the better is absolutely amazing. The way Dana envisioned us all was as if we all are humans being separated by society whether it be by talent, decision, race, etc, which I truly agree with. Infact, for a person with such bright eyes and personality, he couldn’t have picked a better name! I personally can’t wait to tell you guys more when we sit down face to face behind those cameras with madmaxshotyou in Thestu732 . BESTFRIENDS FOREVER!

Further details are to be announced when interviewing Dana, which I totally cannot wait for. Because the respectable gentlemen he is, weighs a lot on his music, his personality, why he’s willing to help, to make us better. “Under The Sun” ☀️ CHECK OUT THE MERCH!

“Commercials” MERCH 👚
“Commercials” Album List , Merch 👚

Literaturebyjessc– Jessica Hunter

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