Why do we do it? 🤔

We as humans demand attention in certain aspects, and then turn around and give people a reason to be in denial on our decisions. For example, a major example in my eyes. Black lives matter is a major thing, racism is a major thing. Why do we take the terms and things said to us (any race), by all means, get mad when it’s said and then turn around and use the terms ourselves. It’s okay for African-Americans to say “What up my n*gga?”, but when someone else of whom one may feel has “No right to say that” says it, it’s an issue. That’s where we contradict ourselves. We have to start presenting ourselves how we want to be treated more.

“Foot on they necks,” has become another heavily used term by African American when there have been many reported cases of racism involving foots on African American’s necks. How does that make us look as a whole for allowing these things to continuously happen? It’s like people are blinded by a lot, one of the many ways to change the way we are viewed is to stop giving others the few they depict, the view that they wanna see. I remember walking the streets protesting with everyone “Get off my neck, I can’t breathe,” the unity of everyone was amazing. There are people fighting for and with us, yet we’re too blinded to see. When we continuously use something that has happened to us as a slang, joke, etc., it becomes different. STOP IT! Let’s Exchange “Foot on they necks,” for “Applying pressure.”

People judge you off of anything. The way you look, walk, talk, and dress. For example, someone of the Hispanic decent may only speak Spanish as their primary language in public and behind doors. Just because you never heard them speak English doesn’t mean they can’t speak it. Normalize the many ways of communication, normalize understanding that you yourself may not know every language, or everything within your language and history, so who are you to judge? Normalize the fact that everyone has feelings. People will talk about you til’ the day you die, and there are some things you can do about it. Stop following in the crowd, stand up and speak out against what you feel is correct. A lot of people may have been thinking some of the thoughts I’ve expressed, and just didn’t know how to say anything, or worried of the outcome, take that risk. I wouldn’t be Literaturebyjessc if I didn’t.

Ladies, let’s be real. We are females, women, and any other sub-genres that we may classify ourselves as, but we are not a “B*tch”. Normalize the fact that if you call yourself “that b*tch,” someone is bound to call you a “b*tch”. Yes the statements have different meanings, but let’s not classify ourselves as that. Stop allowing society to pick our bed for us, at the end of the day they get the last laugh. People look weird telling someone to stop something or doing something, and then they turn around and do it yourself. Just keeping it real.

( Literaturebyjessc – Jessica Hunter )

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