What You Tryna Do ? 🤔😈

In the cut for a while, yet still working, DJ’ing your events, and finally bringing back our Jersey Club Battles, DJ Dru has been juggling a lot in his hands personally, an work wise. Seeing his progress from then to now, I am absolutely amazed in all aspects. He has learned that if it doesn’t benefit in ways to encourage him positively, it’s not needed, as always. That’s something I’ve always respected Dru about. He takes great criticism, if he feels he could’ve done better in anything, he’ll definitely ask with great explanations as to why he moved the way he did.

Ahhhh SBF, SBF, SBF, my my. He can walk away from a studio for some time and still complete great work. It’s like whatever he is feeling he throws it all into that song/ep/album being made. You can tell once that Jiggythvt drop, it’s up. I’ve visually seen SBF’s capabilities of just stepping out a car to 20 ppl for example, 15 of em is just yelling “That’s SBF? Where he been?” The other 5 pulling out to really check on my mans, ain’t many that loyal. To collab on such a song with Dru this year, this one was legendary. Believe it or not, these two really are legends with and without one another. They’ve set their own foot paths, their own paths for people to follow in, and in ways have inspired me. It’s crazy how we have a lot of people who stand for Jersey Club, just in different ways. 🗽 Both great DJ’s and Producers that I have been waiting each day to see more, it’s collabs like this that make me wanna see more major collabs within other artist, yet this is only the beginning.

First off the energy Dru gives off in his music period makes you want to do whatever he’s asking during that moment. “We in Jerseyyyyyy, SBF turn us up,” and that’s exactly what he did. Dru’s Ad-libs during the song kept the flow of the original voice going, hype. He wanted to know if she could throw it back and SBF showed just what they was tryna do. 😏 A major part of Jersey Club is direction and bpm. Plays a key factor “Turn around for me girl,” so that a$$ is jumping! This is Jersey Club, though each producer has their own ways of producing, both producers did rather amazing! If you thought they were done, the jokes on you. It’s so much more, and “I’m tryna see dat,” infact I saw it via apple music, go download that. The connection of one another’s work back to back is MAJOR. I love that it has the same vibe, yet different style. That’s Jerseyyyyyyy for ya! I’m out *drops mic* 🎤

Literaturebyjessc – Jessica Hunter

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