How You CAN Do It ! ( College Essay )

Hi Class,

For my lesson today, I will be teaching you something maybe no one has thought of doing. Everyone may have came up with posting things to websites, recipes, and crafts. As an epileptic patient who went from nothing, to a lot, I will be teaching you the steps to believing in yourself. 

Step One: There is always someone going through things worse than you, therefore, exclude words that prevent you from thinking positively. These words may include, but are not limited to “Can’t”, “Need”, etc. I always tell anyone not to say you can’t do something especially without trying. You don’t need anything or anyone, you want it. There is a big difference between priorities and necessities. Learn yourself. 

Step Two: Next, believe in yourself, determine who you are. Whether it be your gender, a disability, (which doesn’t make you incapable), or a career path you are choosing. Speak it into existence. Look at yourself in the mirror and tell yourself you can, and you will. Me having Epilepsy, I used to think I was limited to a lot, guess what? I’m a teacher. Look at yourself in the mirror each day, each time you walk past a mirror, smile. Thank God, tell yourself a motivational message, eventually people will notice you trying, and try to help you.

Step Three: Third, set your Goal. Your goal can be as simple as to tie your shoe. It’s something you’re working towards. My initial goal was to not let my medication overpower my abilities (which included waking up). Prepare yourself with the necessary utensils needed for your goal. If it is to get a job, make sure you have your résumé done, letters of recommendation, I.D’S, what job field are you looking into? Indeed is a great app for job searching. It does everything for you basically, right down to the proper formatting of your résumé. If your goal is something different, look into things and/certifications necessary for your goal.

Step Four: Moving along, once you’ve set your goal, believe in it. Get out there and search for help, for referrals, for volunteering which could lead to the completion of your goal. Be more open to ideas, and just simple conversations around you. Sometimes one person’s story is another person’s blessing/lesson. We learn from each other’s mistakes, so listening to one another is great when you are going through something similar, even if it doesn’t connect to your situation, there are still some things you could benefit from. Start to put yourself out there in a positive way, showing what you love to do via social media. This is how you grasp the attention of who you want.

Step Five: Make sure your appearance matches the great belief within yourself. How you dress and talk shows a lot about who you are. It also makes you feel different, in a great way. It’s called confidence, self-esteem, and courage. You now have those three things needed to get through anything, now you are definitely almost towards your goal. Start to make positive notations around your home, work area, etc. That way each time you are up and about, you have those things to remind you who and why you do what you do for. 

Step Six: You’re there, you’ve done it. You’ve done all the steps, go believe in yourself, now show and tell. Show and tell the world where you started, to where you came. You may just influence the next person, and the next person, and so on. It’s amazing what one story, or one person, can do for the next. I shared mine all around, and now I have epileptic patients forming a group to advocate the importance of Epilepsy. Your story will be different from mine, but knowing you’ve changed someone’s life is absolutely amazing.

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