“Ain’t You 93rd?”

A lot of people are finally doing what they love, and loving what they do. The way Roddy loves what he does is exciting, it’s motivating to know that you’re not the only one being active, out the way, but in the right mix. I tagged along with 93rd and Nina to do a up close interview based on 93rd, and his thoughts regarding the music industry. See what I loved the most was Roddy didn’t question back to back. Instead, he made you feel at home, it wasn’t necessarily jokes that we made, it was real facts that were actually true, but funny. Things that we as an older generation never paid full attention to until now. Now, before I step deeply into this, I want to say to be behind the mic as an interview, and interviewing a person takes time. It takes readiness, a lot of people get nervous in the camera, not Roddy. The engagement as a team with Roddy, and Marv, you could tell it was really teamwork.

Now come here for a second, Jersey club has evolved in many different ways. There were long lines to get into a party, look at the clothing we wore, the way we dance. When certain songs came on like “I need you to go up to a chick right now, grab her by the hand, turn her ass around, and just hit it to the beat,” the backs that were getting broke was crazy. The sweat in these parties was almost as if you just took a steamed shower. These are some of the main things we focused on, then versus now. Now, on the other hand, it’s hard to get 93rd to attend a party these days due to that. When the Team Lilman Anthem came on, and you heard “I said it’s ‘Lilman, who else? 93rd,” the block is still hot. That song still gets major plays til’ this day. As I commented on this with Roddy, it is hard to attend, or be out in general with 93rd. Why? “Ain’t chu 93rd? Can we take a picture?” Moments like that are history, especially for people who take pride in what they love, and do it so humble. What I mean is, he doesn’t walk away from his fans, he believes in them as well let’s just say.

All in all, nextflightoutpodcast didn’t just base it off of 93rd, he went deeper into the culture in general. A lot of questions we all had. Who is your favorite Jersey club artist? That was a hard question for me, as I assumed the interview was based on him. Even so, a lot of producers are putting in a great amount of work that I have no favorite, because I love the difference within style of producing Jersey Club. Would I do it all over again? Absolutely! Should you tune in? Absolutely! If I keep typing, I’d type the whole interview. I’m just mentioning some of the main points he hit that a lot of us didn’t think of. In fact, go ahead and watch it yourself HERE!!


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