Mind vs Matter.

Usually when we see “Mind” and “Matter”, we tend to think “I don’t mind, and you don’t matter.” Let me put you guys up to something. If it’s on your mind in someway shape or form, it matters. I sat, and put this into perspective after seeing an old classmate in a fast food restaurant. I was very tired, hungry, and just wanted to get too and from. Upon ordering, I noticed an arm from my peripheral, which I asked to hold on until I placed the order. Now the way I went about it, I felt rude, however when juggling so much on an epileptic memory, and still having a good memory is CRAZY, but I do it.

To make a long story short, this person seemed to understand, I step over putting my wallet away, and waiting for my ticket to be called, and I hear my name. Now everyone who knows me knows I don’t like being called “Jessica,” yes it’s my name, it’s just way too common. If you went into the mall and tried to find me, you’d find atleast 7 other Jessica’s before me. I’d take being named Jessica over Edna, so hey. 🤷🏾‍♀️ Anywho, I slowly look up, and by the way he is looking at me, he could tell my day was LONG. He said “It’s me, Michael, how have you been?” And as a typical epileptic person would, I responded “I’m so sorry, who are you?”. See the thing is we graduated in ‘14, I got diagnosed in ‘19 so it was a whole memory loss. It wasn’t until he begun to explain some of the things we used to do in school, and what he liked about me, that I finally understood what he meant. He remembered the little things, that’s dealing with your mind. Matter came in to play on two occassions. One, as I apologized for not remembering him, and what I felt like was rude, he had the sincerest heart. “ No, it’s okay,” were his exact words. For somebody who hadn’t known my condition, that mattered to me. It also mattered how he kept apologizing to me and telling me how strong I was. We were close, you remembered, took the time out shall I say, to make me remember memories I thought I lost, and he didn’t care how long it took.

You see the difference when I say Mind vs Matter, and Mind over matter? Mind over matter is “I don’t mind, and you don’t matter.” Which is the typical attitude we have today until we stand in need of something whether it be financial, emotional, physical, mental, etc. That’s thinking your $ht don’t stink, when everyone is not perfect in someway shape or form, I’ll be the first to admit i’m not perfect, but for someone to sit and actually refresh your memory, that you haven’t seen in years is LOVE, as opposed to those who know something is wrong, and handle it in a completely different matter to where it should not be. The feeling of love I felt that day, and it was only a few days ago, I don’t care how tired or hungry I was, I’d do it all again.💜 Sometimes we all could use a reminder that we matter to someone. 💜 Someone help me find him! His social media accounts have not been touched to my knowledge.


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